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  1. ursmdnpavan

    What is the scope of Mainframe in 2011?

    C-DAC is the BEST place for IBM Mainframe Training, as they provide IBM supplied materials and class room teaching is also very good, here u have the chance to visit IBM MAINFRAME Machines, as people say it is a LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT to see a Mainframe Machine. But the main thing is that recently from 2011 August batch there is no placements, 1 or 2 companies visiting but only 1 people r selecting for each drive...... We have seen their excellent placement track records in 2010 and joined there. But it useless now....... No companies r coming from past 1 yr....... if there is any recruitment only 1 will get the job out of 50-60 candidates.... And recently the size of the batch is tooo less like 3-10 per batch. Overall now it is good for training but not for placements.....