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    Namaste to chetana madam and hello to chetanaites,Dear Brother,Dont panic.Relax.You have time not plenty I think.Do u have TIME INSTITUTE'S REASONING,DIand VERBAL practice exercise(only) material with u,just prepare them very thoroughly.any otherCAT material is also ok.Then u should strategize ur preparation. dont waver in your spirit and until the exam is over,show hunger in preparation and attitude.Then take days in preparing the above cat material.u have exactly 12 days.next concentrate on high freq. word list, 1-50 synonm-antnom exercises(total 750 words), analogy exercises, antonym, reading comprehension exercises. prepare for fill in the blanks,all parts of speech,error corrections-try 2 do shakuntal devi 2 books.Don't go for R.S. Agarwal aptitude book.it's no use.only concentrate compound and simple interest problems,ratio and proportion problems,The key to infosys is concentrate more on qtns of greater weightage.8 marks and 4 marks.Try to do them compulsorily.don't miss a question.prepare previous qtn papers even if pattern has changedTime is less for this heavy preparation.hope u dont waste ur time.prepare well and hard.show hunger.dont droop anytime or get into negative frame of mind.ok,if you sometimes feel exhausted and feel negative, justbelieve in urself,this preparation is a launchpad for other companies also.I hope u will sharpen your swords,good days ahead of you.be sanguine.cheer up.enjoy the preparation.just dont feel heavy.I hope u will come out with flying colours.Bye.
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    PUZZLE !!!!!!!!!!

    Supposing it to be a square farm. let x^2 be the initial area and y^2 be the new one and let us suppose that for one square meter,1 cabbage grows. Then y^2-x^2=231 (y-x)(y+x)=231 y+x=33 and Y-x=7 y=20,x=13 so rise of 7 cabbages per square meter.
  3. Namaste to chetana madam and hello to chetanaites, Dear friends, I am basically from E.C.E. and have no clue of what is rdbms. For convergys exam, I urgently need help on rdbms and C++.so,I sincerely request all of my chetanaite friends to kindly send me any material or give me any useful websites that contain information on rdbms and critical progrmming concepts of C++.I will be obliged to you. plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me chetana madam. my mail ids are : tharikishore48@yahoo.com tharikishore_1984@yahoo.com Regards, kishorehari
  4. Namaste to chetana madam and hello to chetanaites,Can anybody kindly elaborate what is the difference between dbms and rdbms. what are theadvantages of rdbms over dbms?
  5. Hello friends,can anybody tell me what is a dangling pointer in C?
  6. Hi, did anybody got the answers for these qtns, then kindly mail me to tharikishore48@yahoo.comtharikishore_1984@yahoo.com plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  7. Namaste to chetana madam and hello to chetanaites,flextronics employees, kindly clear my queries.please kindly give me details regarding flextronics now aricent. why has the name changed?forgive me for this qtn.-how much are they paying in the company? I mean how much is the salary?now,what made me really askthis stupid qtn. is the pattern of paper is really lengthy,tough and not even followed by top it companies like infosys,tcs,cts,wipro,not even ibm and sap.In flextronics paper,there are 7 sections.not even 1,2 or 3.This really surprises me even top notch companies are not going more than atmost 3 to 4 sections and flextronics is having 7 sections.So,I want to really know in fact interested in knowing more about this company,is this a fortune 500 company or is this company listed in the top it companies of the world.Also,kindly guide me how to get thru the exam and anybody of you have any preparation material forflextronics,kindly mail them to me.My mail ids are - tharikishore48@yahoo.comtharikishore_1984@yahoo.comonce again forgive me.
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    Thank you for the attachment and the links you have provided.
  9. Namaste to chetana madam and hello to chetanaites,If anybody of you are working in maveric solutions, kindly furnish the details of the company and about thepaper pattern.I will be very very greatful. kindly help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Regards,kishorehari
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    knowledge infotech pattern needed urgent

    Hello,I have an off campus of knowledge infotech on 23 and 24 in Visakhapatnam.U have raised suspicions in my mind about the company. can you kindly elaborate about the situation u have mentioned. ok, If you have anydifficulty or hestitation in mentioning it,leave it. I am not forcing you.Thanking you,Regards,kishorehari
  11. Namaste to chetana madam and hello to chetanaites,Does anybody of you have any idea of knowledge infotech company.please kindly send me the placement paper pattern of KI.I will be very very greatful to you people.Regards,kishorehari
  12. Namaste to chetana madam and hello to chetanaites,if anybody of you have any technical papers on c and c++,please send it to me.if you have been selected in convergys or already selected in convergys,kindly guide me.from where should i prepare for C and C++.are there any websites which exclusively deal with the programming and some typical aspects of C and C++.kindly guide me.my mail id is tharikishore48@yahoo.com Thanking you all, kishorehari
  13. tharikishore_iiit

    SCOTT ACCOUNT IN SQLPLUS LOCKED - Plzzzzzzzzzz help me

    Thank you for replying and so suggestions,I have done a very small mistake which we donot concentrate on and overlook.the command alter user scott account unlock is correct. in oracle, every command should beterminated by a ;.instead, i didnot give ;Thank u all for spending your valuable time in answering to my problem.Thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu very much.Thank you for replying and for so many suggestions,I have done a very small mistake which we donot concentrate on and overlook.the command 'alter user scott account unlock' is correct. in oracle, every command should beterminated by a ;.instead, i didnot give ;Thank u all for spending your valuable time in answering to my problem.Thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu very much.
  14. Hello chetanaites,Recently I have loaded oracle10g in my system which is p3. As it took a lot of time in loading, I skipped password management option.Now when i am trying to log into sql+ using scott/tiger account, it is giving following errorError:ORA-28000 - the account is lockedI tried the following but couldnot unlock scott account.G:\oracle10g\product\10.1.0\cd sqlplusG:\oracle10g\product\10.1.0\sqlplus\sqlplus/nologSQL> connect sys/(PASSWORD) as sysdbaSQL> alter user scott account unlock.This is not working. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me.
  15. Namaste to chetana madam and hello to chetana members,Thank u madam for the reference given by you for igate. I have a little doubt on what to write in the subject line when we are applying to a company askingfreshers to send without mentioning what to write in subject line.Suppose we have some ZZZZ company asking freshers to send resumes either asking for reference number or not asking for it. Then please suggest me what to include in the subject line while sendingthe resume.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz suggest me tips.