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  1. kapil_bi

    experience certificate

    You can also appear for some jobs Tests like eLitmus & AMCAT, which may also be fruitful to you.
  2. kapil_bi

    experience certificate

    hi,Welcome to Forums!To get a Fake experience and getting an entry in a Company might not be a problem for you. But the moment company discovers it, you will be in trouble. So, it would be my sincere advice not to get involved in such things. Rather, try to gain more knowledge of your domain. You can prepare for ISTQB.Also, as you mentioned that job is necessary for you. Please start exploring the jobs as a trainee/intern where you might paid less but you would be gaining a practical exp.
  3. kapil_bi

    *plz suggest what next*

    Hi,As you are well aware about your academics score, it would be a problem for not getting a chance in companies like Infosys, TCS. As these companies requires a proper consistent scores in your academics. However, this is not the stop. You still have many companies where you can apply and fetch a good job. But being a BCA alone would again create difficulties. You can join some Live training on Java program (as it is your area of interest). You can check with institutes like Ducat, Miracle technologies, etc. Please check for their job assistance and placement record too.Also, at the same time keep posting your resume on fresher portals and checking such forums for latest openings.
  4. kapil_bi


    Hi,You can join below:Texsas TechnologiesIBMMAINFRAMES.comiFrames TechnologiesPegasus Management ConsultantsGps InfoTechO2EducationI would suggest that you personally meet to them and try to figure out their offerings. Then compare the features, price, job assistance etc. Good Lucks...!!
  5. Hi Folks, I like to assist the Freshers for their Career Goals at my best optimum level. I welcome you all to be connected on the same Forum and on Facebook too. My FB : Mentor Kapil Wishing you all Good Lucks for a bright career and future!
  6. kapil_bi

    Help me choose the right way!

    Hi,Welcome to Forums!Yes, you can get a good job but you won't be able to get through companies like TCS and others who have a strong parameter of having a minimum % throughout your academics. But, it does not closes the job market for you. Still, there are many good companies where you can apply and fetch a good job.Pune is one of the chief industrial cities in India and has been contributing steadily to several small, medium sized industries. IT and Software jobs in Pune have re-written the standing of the city in the job market and provided them great career enrichment. Those passionate to work on: UNIX/C/ C++, JAVA, MAINFRAME, PERL, SIEBEL, ORACLE, SAP, PEOPLESOFT, WEB TECHNOLOGY etc...have a great future in Pune.Please don't mess up your mind with other options. Concentrate your mind to score more from eLitmus or AMCAT. It is your scores which will eventually going to help you further. Also, the above mentioned issue remains too after scoring good (Companies who want a some min. % throughout ur academics). But need not to worries as both of these testing companies have many clients where you can fetch your dream job.
  7. Hi,The info provided by you is less to suggest you further. Mohd. Anis please tell your qualification, your area of interest and the preferred job type. Don't be a part of flock. Write down on piece of paper about your goals, your priorities, your interest and then seek for the options available and the ways to achieve them. Take care!
  8. kapil_bi

    career guidance

    Most of the Govt sectors, Advanced Technological (ISRO) etc, ask for MTech or ME graduates, since they feel these people are more resourceful than the normal BTech or BE graduates. So, you can always get placed in a better industry, than what you get for a BE. But this doesn't happen usually because; people prefer to do MTech or ME nowadays, just because they don't get placed after doing their engineer undergraduate. So they feel if they do masters, it will be helpful to get placement with the masters. Only a few people study masters for Teaching and Research, even after getting a good job during placement. So, what happens is the majority of the BE or BTech graduates, due to unemployment, prefer to do MTEch, which increases the competition for placement.I suggest that you post/upload your resume on different job portals, keep checking Employment News (govt.), register to this forum & check your email for latest openings & walkins. Also, you can email your resume to good consultants who are dealing with Entry level candidates.
  9. kapil_bi

    how to crack Wipro Written test

    Please find below the questionnaire which you may came across on JAVA: 1.How could Java classes direct program messages to the system console, but error messages, say to a file? 2.How would you create a button with rounded edges? 3.Why should the implementation of any Swing callback (like a listener) execute quickly? 4. Question: How you can force the garbage collection? 5. What’s the difference between constructors and normal methods? 6. When should the method invokeLater()be used? 7.Explain the usage of Java packages. 8.What are some advantages and disadvantages of Java Sockets? 9.What is Collection API? 10.Explain the usage of the keyword transient? 11.What’s the difference between the methods sleep() and wait() 12.Why would you use a synchronized block vs. synchronized method? 13.Can an inner class declared inside of a method access local variables of this method? 14.Explain the user defined Exceptions? 15.Describe the wrapper classes in Java. Good Lucks...!! Mentor Kapil FB > http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002892994657
  10. kapil_bi

    walkin at pune

    As mentioned above, you can register on this forum and check your email regularly for the latest openings and walk-ins. Also, you can appear for some job tests conduced by companies like eLitmus and AMCAT, which helps fresh graduates like you to fetch a job. Good Lucks...!! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002892994657"</a&gt'>Mentor Kapil
  11. kapil_bi

    Looking it jobs in pune

    Hi, You can register at this forum and check regularly your email for the latest openings & walkins in your city. You can appear for some job tests like eLitmus & AMCAT which helps fresh graduates like you to fetch a good job. Also, you can upload/post your resume on fresher job portals. Good Lucks...!! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002892994657"</a&gt'>Mentor Kapil
  12. Hi, Please find the attached sample question paper for Mphasis. Hope it may be of any help! Good Lucks...!! mentor_kapil MphasisPlacementPaper1.doc
  13. kapil_bi

    SAIL Question papers for CSE BRANCH

    Hi, Please check your email. Good Lucks...!! mentor_kapil
  14. kapil_bi

    walkin at pune

    Hi, For which position you are looking for walkins? I suggest that you please subscribe to this forum and check your email regularly for the latest walkins in your city. Good Lucks...!! mentor_kapil
  15. kapil_bi

    How To crack AMDOCS paper

    Please find the attached pattern of AMDOCS, which might help you to crack it. Good Lucks...!! mentor_kapil Amdocs_Placement_Paper_Pattern_2011.doc