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  1. Hello everyone First of all like to thank Chetana for this wonderful place, "IT FEELS LIKE HOME", such a pleasant place to find the opportunities knocking your door, and all you have to do is open it at the right time. Now not only helps from mails but the inclusion of this type of forum support is much more appreciable which is being done by a single person (chetana) army . Ok lets get on to business, I am about to complete my M.C.A. degree this month, duing my previous mini project I had to store images in database to show them in my VB6 forms, but I dont know much abt it, so I stored the path of the images and retrieved them during project execution. Now I would really like to know how to store the images both in SQL SERVER 2000 and ORACLE. It would be much more appreciable if anyone could provide Info on these DATABASES, or even CODES are also welcomed. Thank you, may god shower more courage, blessings on chetana for the dedication.