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    Job options after CCNA

    Thank you Sreenivasulu for your reply. But I am in BANGALORE now.
  2. kishangupta

    Job options after CCNA

    Thank you for your reply Umar. Can you suggest me how to get information for any openings for freshers in Networking Field. As on Job sites I get information mostly for experienced Jobs. There are very little job openings for Freshers on Job sites (For Networking Jobs). I don't think in Bangalore there are less openings for Freshers( For Networking Filed ), I just need to get information from some source.
  3. kishangupta

    Job options after CCNA

    Hello. I am a B.Tech(IT) fresher, completed my CCNA Certification in November. But still waiting for job opportunity. I am getting calls for BPO are experienced jobs in Networking Filed.I am totally frustrated. I am here in Bangalore From September.Can any one give me some suggestion. I am really thankful to him/her.