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  1. Hi. This can be defined in very short : Test Design Specification: detailing test conditions and the expected results as well as test pass criteria. Test Case Specification: specifying the test data for use in running the test conditions identified in the Test Design Specification. __________________ Event Catering Dublin
  2. Piyush777

    50 Best Managed Global Outsourcing Vendors

    Hi.. The list contains names of known people so I do not think in this there any surprise. The big surprise for me is its order. _____________ Ice Cream Van
  3. Piyush777

    Google Mars...

    Hi.. Its amazing, Mars is known as red planet but in this map it looks green some where, do anyone have point on this ? This maps is really nice and looks great. _________ Packaging
  4. Piyush777

    Software Development

    Hi.. Really nice.. For PIC devices that are not stand-alone and need to be connected to the outside world, Whether your choice of connectivity is serial, USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi need Firmware Development. _________ Packaging
  5. Piyush777

    Iphone 4 reviews - full list of specs

    Hi. In short : The good: The Verizon iPhone 4 offers a hot-spot feature not available on AT&T's device. Performance was better in most regards. The bad: The Verizon iPhone 4 lacks world roaming and the ability to access voice and data simultaneously. The hot-spot feature didn't work with all devices. The bottom line: The Verizon iPhone 4 has much in common with its AT&T counterpart, but varying features and different performance give it enough room to stand apart. It won't vastly change your iPhone experience, but we welcome the consumer choice that it brings. _______________ Packaging Ireland
  6. Piyush777

    Windows Vista A to Z

    Hi.. All above links are quite useful, I am giving, helpful MS link for targeted help and how-to's for common tasks/settings/questions, and links to downloadable Windows guides too. http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/en-US/default.mspx, its really worthy. ______________ Packaging Ireland
  7. Piyush777

    The Top 100 Infotech Companies of World

    Hi.. Quite nice, the highest rated Indian company on this list is Bharti Airtel at number 14. The other Indian companies included in the list are Tata Consultancy Services at 23, Infosys Technologies at 30, Wipro at 49 and Satyam Computer Services at 73. _______________ Packaging Ireland
  8. Piyush777

    how to change the colour of the menu?

    Hi.. For this you should check in the users manual. or in the software itself, check the settings options _____________________ Cardboard Boxes Ireland
  9. Hi, Question No. Correct Answer Q. 1 A Q. 2 C Q. 3 D Q. 4 A Q. 5 B Q. 6 B Q. 7 C Q. 8 D Q. 9 A Q. 10 D _____________ Wine Suppliers
  10. Hi, When i used those code then it displayed me the following error: Object not a collection Line (26): ’For each RadioBtn in obj’. I used Internet explorer for the test run. So what should i do now. _____________ Wine Suppliers
  11. HI,Nice post, Tickle.com has the best tests for anything. They have quite a few test /quizes to give you an idea of what you might do best at or might be interested in that you didn't think of. I don't go anywhere else for personality/career/anything in the world, tests. Hope find what you are looking for!
  12. Piyush777


    Hi,In big bang Integration testing, individual modules of the programs are not integrated until every thing is ready. This approach is seen mostly in inexperienced programmers who rely on 'Run it and see' approach. In this approach, the program is integrated without any formal integration testing, and then run to ensures that all the components are working properly.Unfortunately, whilst it may be possible to get away with it within some simple sequential programs, particularly if sensible design methods and good Function and Module Tests have been applied, the use of such an approach large commercial applications is likely to be much less successful.The application of this method often simply leads the programmer to have to re-separate parts of the program to find the cause of the errors, thereby effectively performing a full integration test although in a manner which lacks the controlled approach of the other methods.
  13. Hi,I am giving a small information on Function testing, in this if you are entering into the cloud, testing becomes even more critical for your applications to be reliable. Learn to master automated, functional testing using the open source tools, Selenium, Windmill, and twill. The techniques covered in this article work on Google App Engine, blogging software, or your own home grown application.
  14. Hi,Nice post, Accessibility Testing is also Non Functional type of testing.
  15. Hi,According to me, Validation is TRUTH.Verification is CORRECTNESS.Then it goes on saying,TRUTH is something absolute which cannot be interpretted differently.Correctness is relative to the system as presented.