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  1. Anyone got the call from infosys interview held on 15 november 2014 at paharpur business center nehru place new delhi....Kindly reply????
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    To do this problem, make a chart with 6 vertical columns. At the top of each of the columns put the people "W" "H" "M" "C" "G" and "F".Now make 7 horizontal lines that intersect with your vertical lines and label these with "Murderer" "Victim" "Judge" "Police" "Witness" and "Hangman". Now it is just a process of taking each statement, and by a process of logic and elimination, making either an "X" to eliminate the possibility or an "O" If you can conclude that this person fits this description.The first statement is:1)M knew both Murderer and the Victim. You can positively conclude that M is neither the Murderer or the Victim so put an "X" under the "M" column for the "Murderer" and "Victim" square.2) Judge asked C to Describe the Murder incident. This would mean that C is the witness. You can put an "X" in all other spots for the witness and also all the other spots for column "C"3) W was Last to see F alive.From this we know that F is the victim and W is the murderer.Skip # 4 for the time being.5) H and W have never met.W (Murderer) would meet everyone else at some time prior to his hanging, either at the crime scene or at the questioning and trial. The only person he would not meet would be the Hangman. H has to be the Hangman.Now back to 4.4) police Found G at the Murder site.Police can not be G so the only other person left to be G is the Judge.Answers:W = MurdererH = HangmanM = PoliceC = WitnessG = JudgeF = Victim