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  1. hi am planning to do dataware housing(informatica ETL tool) course in bang so can anyone suggest me how about this course and future scope since am fresher
  2. loknathk89

    embedded training in cranes varsity...banglore

    most of the institutes present in hyd and also bang are fraud so be careful before u join
  3. loknathk89

    embedded training in cranes varsity...banglore

    its ok and all the best have a great future
  4. loknathk89

    sap companies for freshers

    hi guys this is loki am interested to do sap course before that i need to know what is the eligibility criteria for this course whether this course need 60% agg because i dont have 60% so plz suggest me
  5. loknathk89

    embedded training in cranes varsity...banglore

    hi jeeshan u can do the course in hyderabad only why coming to bang?in hyderabad only there are so many institutes are there ok and one more thing dont go for cranes they will not provide placement so better u go sandeepani,vector,emertaxe,ISM,UTL.....
  6. loknathk89


    dont do embedded course in cranes they will not providing any placement for u please better u go for sandeepani,ISM,UTL,vector,Emertxe
  7. loknathk89


    thank u dude it helps me lot but can anyone tel me for one server how many developers,testers and operators needs to main the server?
  8. loknathk89

    Regarding CCNA

    hi dude am not interested in networking field but i wanna do mainframe course so can u tel me how is future scope for freshers and i have nill knowledge on mainframes since am ECE background can u suggest me
  9. loknathk89


    hi guys this is loki i have been completed BE ECE with 58.02%.at present i have nill knowledge on mainframes even i dont know what it is and what we will learn in that........etc but my bro suggested to do mainframe course so i need suggestions from u guys that if i join course means can able to complete it?pls suggest me
  10. loknathk89


    hi guys i have been completed BE ECE with agg of 58.02% and still am not placed anywhere but trying my question is is thr any companies will recruit below 60% agg? if yes plz tel me which are those?because i already registered websites like naukri,monster,etc and sent resumes to more companies but there is no reply from recruiter so can anyone suggest me pls
  11. guys can anyone post the answer for tel me about your self that well suited for HR round with taking an example
  12. loknathk89

    software testing

    q spiders also one of the best institute to join software testing course provides 100% interviews and it is in Basavna gudi (Ramakrishna nagar)
  13. loknathk89

    domain selection

    hi this is loknath i had completed my graduation (BE ECE) with second class (55%) with this percentage am not able to apply jobs i thought will do course on VLSI design and embedded systems so can anyone tel me how is this domain at present and future please help me out