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  1. frdz...is there any possibility of getting the grouping attribute displayed only once... in the display...... ?? this may sound very silly .... but iam juz a creeper.. so plz.. help me out.... my req.... is...:if the table data is......name: dept:a xxxb yyyc xxxd xxxe yyythe output should be of the sort:name depta xxx cd b yyy ecan this be brought...??do help me...lakshmi
  2. hi frdz.. this is my first time using this forum.. tht was indeed gr8 to hv started right now..my doubt is.. is there a way to restrict the entries to the table according to the rgn code values.. i need the values to be only frm hypen number ..... to be more clear if the value is 0452-000000 or 04562-0000000 the values prior to hypen must only be numbers..... wat to set with the datatype for this column,,,,laxmi
  3. LaxmiRam

    (QUERY) doubt in sql

    hi frdz..i juz need to know bout the way to create table in sql with a feild tht can only accept my inputs as characters(alphabets).. i don't know hw to catch this prob with check constraint can u people help me with this/??lakshmi