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  1. shania_sain

    minisap cd

    Hello Everyone,Please can anyone send me minisap cd. I have one but it is giving some errs. So please send me minisap kernel and data cd.My email id is shania_sain@yahoo.comThanks in advance.
  2. shania_sain

    minisap cd

    Hello Everyone, Please can anyone send me minisap cd. I have one but it is giving some errs. So please send me minisap kernel and data cd. Thanks in advance.
  3. shania_sain

    SAP Course in SIEMENS

    Hello group,I am a postgraduate with 3 years of gap after that, but now i want job. So please help me.I want to go for SAP course through SIEMENS, but i don't know who and how can one join the course.Please anyone here can help me in providing the complete information regarding this.I also want to know its job oppurtunities as it requires heavy amount to pay and also the duration of the course, so i want to know is it job assured and can i join this course.Also, if there is any other SAP course provider which does not requires that much amount and should be job assured. Or should i do this on my own as i have started reading SAP and i can have 10-15 days training from a company.Please help.Shania
  4. shania_sain

    Please Help Chetna M'am

    Helllo Everyone,I thank everyone connected to this group.Thank you abhi sir too for your valuable suggestatoins. It will help me alot in taking the further decision.Thanks again.Shania.
  5. shania_sain

    Please Help Chetna M'am

    Hello Chetna M'am, Please help me. After completing my studies i tried for software and call centre jobs but failed. Then i joined a coaching centre as a lecturer in june 2004, but i left that too after 5 months because of unsatisfaction. After that i searched for other jobs but didn't got any job and i am still jobless. I don't know what to do as now i am fed up of finding job. I still have no direction in what way to go. I put 6-8 months experience in vb and oracle but no response from any IT company. Even i am loosing my confidence now. I just don't know where the problem lies. I have good analytical mind, i am very hard working, I can start reading and building anything afresh to get a job. i like vb, oracle and i can go for testing too but now some suggested me that i should go for SAP. as SAP oppurtinities are fast growing and it can give me job as early as i want. Some told me to go for paid training programmes which gives job assurity, but i think of it fruitless and it will be wastage of money. I just don't know which IT field to choose and how to move, i think i will never ever get a job. Please help me. suggest me how and what to do. My qualification: MCA-2004 (72%) (correspondence) Kurukshetra University MSC(IT)-2003 (77%) from Punjab University, Chandigarh BCA-2001 (71%) from Punjab University, Chandigarh +2 - (63%) PSEB 10th - (59%) CBSE I dont even have confidence for interviews. I just don't know what to do. Please help. Regards, Shania
  6. shania_sain

    Career in Testing

    Hello Samuel,I also want to start my career in Testing, but i have no prior experience in industry.can u please tell me from where u have learned manual and automated testing.how and from should i practice for that?there are some openings in naukri.com website in NCR region, i think you can apply to them by showing some experience in testing as they also demand experience in automated testing.to which city do u belong?All the best.
  7. Hi there, I want to go in testing field, but i have no prior experience. Can anyone tell me how should i proceed to make a carrer in this field. Should i do a diploma or a course in testing? Also please tell me recruitments and walkins in NCR region or CPM region. Please help me out. as i really don't know what to do. Thanks in advance. Best of luck to all.
  8. shania_sain

    help me to get a job

    Hello Sheenam,I read your request and i think that you are not serious about getting the job. First of all, be serious in what you want and work hard in improving your strong points and eliminating your weak points. After all its you who have to work on yourself.Anyways, don't loose hope. I am 2003 passout and i am still searching for the same.All The Best.
  9. shania_sain

    Certification in Testing

    Hello Frndz, I want to be certified in CSPT, i.e, Certification in Software Testing Professionals. I don't know anything about this course, from where i should do it, the cost, what topics include and also the duration of the course. I reside in the northern india side, Ludhiana. Please anyone here can help me out and suggest me what to do. I have no prior experience in software testing but i am interested in getting job in this field. I also want to put another query. I am 2003 passout and i have not done any job after my pg in mca, but now i want to do a job and want to go in testing line. Is it possible for me to start now and get a job? I just don't know how should i go. A friend of mine suggested me to join this group. So frndz i am here. Please help me out. With hope.
  10. Hi there,I am a new member to this forum.Looking for a job in Software Testing, QA. Anyone having some information regarding this job and also regarding CSTP plz reply to this msg or email me at shania_sain@yahoo.comThanks alot.Cheers to Chetna Mam and All the best to Chatna members and job seekers.