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    Mainframe Tutorials

    Here is few good links for MF study------------ 1. http://mfstudycenter.com/default.aspx 2. http://www.esnips.com/web/mfstuffs 3. http://db2examples.googlepages.com/ 4. http://www.geocities.com/srcsinc/ 5. http://questinfotech.com/
  2. tirupati_1980

    E-Litmus is reliable ?

    Hello everybody..I m a MCA fresher(2006)..I m getting a call and mail from E-Litums(www.elitums.com)..The company is saying its having tie-up with various big companies.it is charging fee for some exams..i dont know about it acctually..can any body plz tell is it ok to go for the further process with this organization.
  3. tirupati_1980

    mainframes material

    Some more stuffs----------- http://www.esnips.com/web/mfstuffs
  4. tirupati_1980

    Total frustation about fraud training institutes !!

    Hello.........Do not trust on any institutes whether it is this or that.....Trust on urself and only (honestly) prepare for ur skills and keep trying with patience......There are many who are struglling so u are not alone...Just have faith in urself and Allmighty
  5. tirupati_1980

    How to get interview call from many companies ?

    Keep tryng......Best of luck...and never repaet the mistakes again...UR day wl come surely...
  6. tirupati_1980

    B.Tech - 2006 Passout - Which course to join ?

    You can try for Embeeded Tech. from any gud institution in ur area...or choose some hot fields from Software like mainframe/testing/Databases tools traings etc...better try to counsult any Seniors or someone who is already in that field before joing.... for further info can mail me at tirupati1980 (at) gmail . com
  7. tirupati_1980

    Mainframe Course : Please help

    Has anyone done course from High Tech Solution(Delhi/Noida) for Mainframe...If Yes,Then Please guide me about this institution...Is it gud to go with this Institute..And one another option is Ducat Noida...Please Guide ,Will be very much Thankful to you.can mail me at --tirupati1980@gmail.com
  8. Though i m new to IT field....but yet i would like to say that ur article is excellent.
  9. tirupati_1980

    Which is the best institute for mainframes?

    Dont belive o these wordings do check the authenticity urself...use google to search on this toipc....U may find the negative anser as well....
  10. Hi venkat...Thanks for the info but where and how we have to apply plz give some more detail.....
  11. Idea is very good but...implementation is not possible for all.... we can form a egroup zone-wise with the permision of 'Chetana mam' and can also share the infowith the chetanagroup/forum members. I will look forward for any help mine id is-------- tirupati_1980@yahoo.com
  12. Sir I was very unfortunate as i followed ur all instruction,but forgot to see the first one.Acctually it happened due to my hurriness.By the way here is the details again -------------------- Name- Tirupati Bala Singh E-MailID- tirupati_1980@hotmail.com KINDLY APPLY TO SATYAM ON BEHALF OF ME. I SHALL BE THANKFUL TO YOUR GREAT ACT OF KINDNESS. THANKS IN ADVANCE..
  13. what above has been sad is very true........but what about those big companies whose online form we cant fill due to our less percentage....
  14. tirupati_1980

    Best training institute for J2EE

    Hello Everybody .I too need the same info can any plz give the answer............
  15. Hello everyone...My name is Tirupati, I have completed MCA from UP Tech Univ. in june 2006 with 73%,and i have did BA in graduation,Can any one plz let me know that i m eligible for SAP or no,And can anyone plz give me Ref id, if eligible. My mail id is----------- tirupati1980@gmail.com
  16. tirupati_1980


    Hi Aanchal....My name is 'Tirupati' ,I have completed mca from UPTU this year and in search of a gud job....years back i wanted to do mca through correspondence only due to some prob....I got an instituion in delhi which was very gud and gives job guarntee from the first year...Its name is Delhi School of E-Learning. it has two campuses in delhi...their fees was also appropriate 4 years back(crntly i dont know). U can check their website and can also personaly visit their institution if u r from del. U can mail me for more info at-- tirupati_1980@yahoo.com Thanks link----------- http://www.dsel.shtr.org/
  17. tirupati_1980

    Linux Certification From C-DAC help to get gud job or not?

    Thnks Chetana Mam.......Yes U r right I m a MCA 2006 fresher from UPTU.....and I m having interest in linux bcoz i m planning to go in system administration,(Programming seems to be a tough and large scale things for me).C-dac is offering trng for the linux certification(for all three paper)...its just 15 days(full time 10am to 5pm),course and can also be completed in part time or weekends after that they will award participation certificates from red hat,and if we want to take exams for certification then furher we will to have to proceed according to certification norms of c-dac. However i m tryng to improve my technical skill and basic things for big MNCs and other companies walkins and jobs..few days back given exams of flextronics but couldn't qualify(nervous from then)..And i thinks if this year i can not fetch a job what will be next year whether i will get opprtunity r not.
  18. Hello everybody....I am a silent member of this group. just i want to know that doing a certification course for linux from C-DAC,Noida will help me to get a gud job r not.They are charging(4000*3=12000)for all three module.In which Exam fees is not included. Is any one has completed this course from them.Will they provide placement for this course....Plz help me..if any body has info about this... Is there any other institutuion in Delhi which is better than C-DAC. U can mail me at---- tirupati_1980@yahoo.com Plz give ur support....
  19. tirupati_1980

    Linux Certification From C-DAC help to get gud job or not?

    I got the responce again,and wow this time from the administrator of the site.Really amazing.Thnks for such a nice and quick support to users...(exactly saying freshers). By the way i have read that article long time ago. Thanks again Chetana..For such a wonderful helping hand to freshers....
  20. tirupati_1980

    Is there any difference betn salaries of Dot Net and Java?

    Hi Mahesh..Its Obviuos..there will be diff. but not exactly less for .net or more for java...Its depends upon the organization..they can give more sal for java..r for .net..according their need and projects.Its a matter of fact that java is well established in market and having some higher demand in skill n exp.so people think they will be paid much for it.Same can be true for .net!bUT in MY opn. yes java peoples will get paid higher...but not at fresher level
  21. tirupati_1980

    Linux Certification From C-DAC help to get gud job or not?

    I am very happy and thankfull to u..that i got the responce....But yet it could not solve my problem..wht i want to know exactly...investing the money(which is most crucial part for me)..will give me some fruitful result (quickly as i want) are not?
  22. tirupati_1980

    2006 passout with less % in 10th, 12th & Engg, pls help

    Hi dear dont be nervous not everyone is having throughout 70 or 80 percent.....ya they exist...but there is laways a scope for everyone .many compnaies are asking only for knowledge not ur %...so jst improve ur skils which is most imp. rthan ur marks..........try u will get success one day......Jst Remeber------NEVER QUIT....................
  23. tirupati_1980


    Hi everybody this is "Tirupati Bala Singh" ,though i am very old member of chetanas ,but introducing me first time here......really chetanas is amazing.........i wish it grow ...grow.... grow .....and..... grow.......forevertirupati_1980@yahoo.com