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    mainframe,Java linux open source chating friends compu. games, my diary and music
  1. tirupati_1980

    mainframes material

    Some more stuffs----------- http://www.esnips.com/web/mfstuffs
  2. tirupati_1980

    Mainframe Tutorials

    Here is few good links for MF study------------ 1. http://mfstudycenter.com/default.aspx 2. http://www.esnips.com/web/mfstuffs 3. http://db2examples.googlepages.com/ 4. http://www.geocities.com/srcsinc/ 5. http://questinfotech.com/
  3. tirupati_1980

    Total frustation about fraud training institutes !!

    Hello.........Do not trust on any institutes whether it is this or that.....Trust on urself and only (honestly) prepare for ur skills and keep trying with patience......There are many who are struglling so u are not alone...Just have faith in urself and Allmighty
  4. tirupati_1980

    How to get interview call from many companies ?

    Keep tryng......Best of luck...and never repaet the mistakes again...UR day wl come surely...
  5. tirupati_1980

    B.Tech - 2006 Passout - Which course to join ?

    You can try for Embeeded Tech. from any gud institution in ur area...or choose some hot fields from Software like mainframe/testing/Databases tools traings etc...better try to counsult any Seniors or someone who is already in that field before joing.... for further info can mail me at tirupati1980 (at) gmail . com
  6. Though i m new to IT field....but yet i would like to say that ur article is excellent.
  7. tirupati_1980

    Mainframe Course : Please help

    Has anyone done course from High Tech Solution(Delhi/Noida) for Mainframe...If Yes,Then Please guide me about this institution...Is it gud to go with this Institute..And one another option is Ducat Noida...Please Guide ,Will be very much Thankful to you.can mail me at --tirupati1980@gmail.com
  8. tirupati_1980

    Which is the best institute for mainframes?

    Dont belive o these wordings do check the authenticity urself...use google to search on this toipc....U may find the negative anser as well....
  9. Hi venkat...Thanks for the info but where and how we have to apply plz give some more detail.....
  10. Idea is very good but...implementation is not possible for all.... we can form a egroup zone-wise with the permision of 'Chetana mam' and can also share the infowith the chetanagroup/forum members. I will look forward for any help mine id is-------- tirupati_1980@yahoo.com
  11. Sir I was very unfortunate as i followed ur all instruction,but forgot to see the first one.Acctually it happened due to my hurriness.By the way here is the details again -------------------- Name- Tirupati Bala Singh E-MailID- tirupati_1980@hotmail.com KINDLY APPLY TO SATYAM ON BEHALF OF ME. I SHALL BE THANKFUL TO YOUR GREAT ACT OF KINDNESS. THANKS IN ADVANCE..
  12. what above has been sad is very true........but what about those big companies whose online form we cant fill due to our less percentage....
  13. tirupati_1980

    E-Litmus is reliable ?

    Hello everybody..I m a MCA fresher(2006)..I m getting a call and mail from E-Litums(www.elitums.com)..The company is saying its having tie-up with various big companies.it is charging fee for some exams..i dont know about it acctually..can any body plz tell is it ok to go for the further process with this organization.