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    (FAQ) OS and UNIX interview questions

    I think you are Uttara student rt????
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    Need suggestion- Help me please to break the bond...

    Hi,Have you paid the 2 lakhs in advance?. If not, then darely leave the company. There are no company that takes risk of prosecuting you. Atmost they can send u a formal Lawyer notice to u just to avoid you living. Even though they proceed to prosecute you, your unconfortable feeling in office and less salary can make you win the case. The Indian law is always in favour of employees. If you were a fresher when you joined that company then it is added advantage to you. Anyhow try consulting a lawyer or other employees in your company before taking decision. If you have paid 2 laks in advance than GOD may help you.Bye,Guru Jois
  3. Dear Chetana Madam, I read in many walk-in/job portal that today 1st July, Siemens is conducting walk-in for "Support Analyst" position on Unix skills, but address is not specified anywhere. I roamed in all branches in MG Road, but nowhere the walk-in is going on. Do you have any info about this?? Please reply,
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    ARYANS INFOWAY, Trivandrum

    Is it refundable or non refundable?. If it is refundable then this company cannot be blacklisted because it is a usual practice of some companies to accept security deposit against the bond of service agreement.Please think twice before defaming any company by blacklisting it. Regards, Gururaj.Y.S.
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    Hai, Even I suffered the same situation. They called to my cell and invited to interview. I guessed about this call that it is surely a training program, so I ask for them whether it is a training cum placement program. But she lied that it is for software development position. When I visited their office they changed the tune that it is training costing Rs 30,000 . Please forward this fact to everybody of your friends.ByeGururaj.Y.S.
  7. Hai, I am MCA graduate resident in Bangalore. Since this opening is in Bangalore can I apply for this. Please reply asap.RegardsGururaj
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    (FRESHERS) 'vMOKSHA' : Off-Campus for Freshers

    Hai vMOKSHA Employees,This is Gururaj. I am a 2006 MCA graduate. I meet the above criteria. I have studied C and UNIX in UTTARA, Bangalore. I have sound knowledge in C and UNIX including Shell Scripting and basic PERL, sed, awk.I am sure I will get success in the interview.Please provide employee reference to me.RegardsGururaj.Y.S.gururaj.jois@yahoo.co.in
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    Can I get an IT job ?

    Hai ritesh, Usually no comapies entertain the profile who had completed the degree in correspondace. On the other hand u r saying that it is not recognized. Any way dont't hide the degree in Resume but hide your correspondence course. You are supposed to forget the dream of working in MNC companies, but try for some local companies, gain experience and then try for MNC. Do you know experience have power over education. So join some good local companies even with less package for 1 year and try applying for MNCs. But don't loose hope on yourself. Best of luck in your future. Regards Guru
  10. Dear Sir/Madam, This is Gururaj, MCA, 65%, skill in c, c++, Unix, Java, Shell Scripting. PLEASE PROVIDE REFERENCE TO ME. My mail id is -- gururaj.jois@yahoo.co.in Thanks in Advance Regards Gururaj.
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    What were you doing for so long since you passed out in 2006 ?

    HaiThis question is usual. At this stage it would be brilliant answer, if you either admit that you have not got the call from any comany or you have not succeeded in any interview. Just try to make then realize that you have not wasted the time but utilised the time for further reading. This could make them even happier. Bye Guru
  12. Hello Chetana mam,What is Accenture IBC and Accenture IDC? Is there any difference?ThanksGuru
  13. Is it not for MCA. If so can you please specify Why?
  14. Dear Sir, You have specified that postgradutes can also apply but in education field in following link has only B.E. and B.Tech. Please reply whether MCA graduates can apply or not. Regards Gururaj
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    (FRESHERS) 'TECHRUIT' recruits Freshers for a MNC

  16. HaiThis is guru MCA 2006 with 65%. Please provide the reference to efunds.ByeGurugururaj.jois@yahoo.co.in
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    Cisco - Regarding Offer letters.....?

    Wait for 10 days, if over wait for 20 days, if over, send a mail to respective HR, stating "delay in receiving offer letter" in subject line,...if over call the HR, if not available in line, meet him face-to-face.RegardsGuru
  18. Hi ganesh, Please tell what type of job is this!!a lecturer post or a software engineer post.
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