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  1. can any one say who is the chairman for CRIS(center for railway information system) and more details abot it
  2. a batsman played 17 innings during a season and he was not out.the score of 85 improve his average by 3 run in the 17th innings,his average score after 16th innings is.a.37b.35c.34d.36
  3. can any post for me the latest centre for railway information system(CRIS) exam papers
  4. i am going to attend a goverment exam,they had a topic VISUO-SPATIAL reasoning can any body say what is it and how to solve it.
  5. when i registered the hindu opportunities fair for Trichy. its says u registered for hyderbad.how to register the trichy fair conducting on march 31
  6. I want placement papers of DATAMATICS company.please post for methis monthn iam going to attend for this.
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    hi, For CRIS exam I also applied for the post of "software engineer" but i did not get any letter from them.if u got any details about it just inform me.
  8. balaitguy

    How to join for MBA

    Is there any entrance exams for MBA, and tell how to apply for it.In chennai What are the colleges having MBA cources please tell.
  9. hi ,any body knows in which date the tata elxsi recruitment begins and in which venue it going to happen,reply