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  1. Dear Sir / Madam, We have introduced an user-friendly Conversion and QC software for HTML Tagging Processand other Data conversion process for Conversion field for the purpose of ascertaining the job accuracy and thereby payment of the job-doers on this field. Often the most BPO job doers stumble upon the allotted accuracy percentage owing to either lack of time stipulated or the quality of the pages given. Hence all their efforts are in vain. Considering the above, it is the good news for them who want to achieve 99.99% accuracy and assure payment against providing lesser labour. If you are interested just go through our product and evaluate it with your discreet. The entire decision is upto you. Also never feel hesitated to question us. Remind that we are always at your service with full grace.ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS ::1. Convert Tif,gif,pdf,gpeg and any other image files convert to text or word format.2. Spell Checker or Image Compare3. automated HTML coding4. automated conversion text files to html file.5. Mirror Image Formatting Software6. Word File Split-up Software (you can spilt up Multiple Pages Word file with any number combination. This way every combination will be considered as separate file.)Regards,Vijay09578638469