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  1. sumit.dpfoc

    diff bw abstract and interface

    The basic difference between java abstract class and interface is that the methods of java interface are utterly abstract which don’t have implementations. Java abstract contains the instance methods which implements a default behavior. ____________ Asset Finance
  2. sumit.dpfoc

    How to Upload Image in Spring MVC

    Firstly create a dynamic web project "spring_fileupload".now create index.jsp file under WebContent folder.Now create "FileUpload.java" class under src folder.Now create validators class "FileUploadValidator.java" in src folder. Now Create "jsp" folder under "WebContent/WEB-INF". Than run the application.
  3. sumit.dpfoc

    what is webmethod ?

    Web methods are very useful and they are the good graphical tool for producing flow service which do the mapping from any format of data to other format and also connects different applications together. _______________ Removals Dublin
  4. Jquery is CSS3 compliant and its light weight java script library which supports many browsers. This framework is very extensible and handles DOM manipulations, CSS, AJAX events and animations in a far better way. ___________________ Unique wedding rings
  5. sumit.dpfoc

    What is the scope of Mainframe in 2011?

    Mainframe technology is awfully greatly in demand in IT companies now days. There may be smaller number of opportunities in mainframes if we compare with other technologies like java/j2ee. But it’s not that you won’t get any job in the same sector. _______________ Bridal underwear
  6. sumit.dpfoc


    The difference here is that char *x puts in the read-only parts of the memory and making x a pointer to that, making any writing operation on this memory illegal. While doing: char x[] puts in read-only memory and copies to newly allocated memory on the stack. _____________ SEO Swindon
  7. sumit.dpfoc

    Integrated Testing

    HI The individual modules are developed and tested, are brought together to make an application or part of an application, if we perform testing on these integrated modules it is known as integration testing. The purpose of testing is to check the right functionality and net functionality is not affected due to integration, ______________________ Pocket Watches For Men
  8. sumit.dpfoc

    How to prevent Multiple Instances of a program?

    You might have some issues with NetBeans bundled appserver config parameters or your ant script files.Try using one of the samples that comes with Netbeans and see if you get the same error. If you do the easiest way to sort things out would probably be NetBeans reinstall.Sometimes also because of the server socket .The actual work of the server socket is performed by an instance of the SocketImpl class.
  9. sumit.dpfoc

    c aptitude plz explain

    I think the answer is x=57y=94in step1 post increment operator is present so the value of y increments to 36 and in same way the value of x incremented to 21.so after step 1 x=56, y=36Now in the step 2 x and y are pre incremented So after step 2 y =36+58=94so the over all result is x=57y=94
  10. sumit.dpfoc

    Test plan Format

    HI, Well test plan is of very high demand.Test is very important because it reflects your whole project testing schedule and the related approach.Following is the sample test plan:TABLE OF CONTENTS1.0 INTRODUCTION2.0 OBJECTIVES AND TASKS3.0 SCOPE of the project4.0 Strategies of testing: Includes alpha testing,system and integration testing,performance and stress testing and beta testing.5.0 Requirements of the hardware to be used6.0 Environment Requirements7.0 Schedule of test8.0 Procedure Controls9.0 Features which is going to be tested10.0 Features which are not tested11.0Responsibilities 12.0 Schedules of the project13.0 Risks/Assumptions in the project14.0 Tools and approvals.I think the above information is helpful to you.Thanks Sumit Kumar
  11. Hi,I am Sumit. I have completed my engineering with 72% marks in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. I am of 2010 batch and currently I am working at UTKAL WEB SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. as a SEO Executive.Please tell me how this profile suits to my qualification.