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  1. hi iam sivas i finish my eng in 2008 ,i have been working as a sales engineer for one year or so,i now like to enter in to software field ,i have a problem called colour blindness ,were i cant identify colours ,its affect my carrier lot now a days,since iam be electronics and communication ,so i shift my carrier to software field ,iam confused lot now a days and totally upset also and degect also since my carrier is going no were,pls do guide me so that i get my carrier shape in software ,i plan to do main frame application course ,is it worth to main frame at this stage of my life,iam new t o software field,so i need any scrap course to shape my carrier,pls any body help me
  2. sivasece

    What is the scope of Mainframe in 2011?

    i would like to know more about cdac in tvm,is it good for main frame course,as iam 2008 passed out i asked them,they told company asking only 9 and ten batch ,pls any body reply me,as iam confused wat to do to enter in to software job,main frame or testing ,or java and j2ee s
  3. sivasece

    java j2ee

    i want to know about the java and j2ee ,