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  1. void main{ union a{ int i; char ch[2];}union a u;u.ch[0]=3;u.ch[1]=2;printf("%d%d%d",u.ch[0],u.ch[1],u.i);}The output is 3 2 515Why is u.i=515Please reply soon.....
  2. Certainly women are as good as men or rather superior to men because women are making their mark equally in each and every field,be it IT,Medicine or any field.Apart from this,they also are homemakers.So I would say that women are superior to men.
  3. An ideal job is a dream job and a successful job is a job with which you are satisfied
  4. I completely agree with Priyanka.I would first like to develop my technical ability .So on graduation experience and exposure in handling tecnical projects will develop my technical ability. Later(after about 2 0r 3 years)I would like to do my MS in US so that it will be easier to get a job in US.
  5. Akshata

    Campus Recruitment : How to Prepare ?

    Thank u Chaitanya for u r valuable suggestion.Thank u Chaitanya for u r valuable suggestion.
  6. I too want answers for these questions.Please help.
  7. Hello friends, I am Akshata doing Engineering(CS).I am in 5 sem. Next year i have got to face my campus recruitment.Please enlighten me on campus recruitment(Preparations i need to make for recruitment). I give lot of attention to my academics(My aggregate uptil now is 81%), but i dont participate in cocurricular activities.do these cocurricular activities give that extra edge. Should i participate in these activities or should i pay attention to my studies. Please guide me.