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  1. Very informative blog Nayani... I liked it.
  2. alicecoope1

    Software Testing Tutorials

    Thank you Sean for providing the useful links. These links helped me to know more about software testing.
  3. Software testing services via the SaaS platform will definitely help to leverage business efficiency levels and also helps to reduce costs required for infrastructure and resources.
  4. Integrated testing is the testing process carried out to verify functional, performance, and reliability requirements placed on major design items. It can be performed in two ways- 1) Non-Incremental method 2) Incremental method
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    few questions.........

    Try searching in Google. Its the best option to know about them.
  6. alicecoope1

    diff bw abstract and interface

    I just came across this link in Google. Hope it might help you in this regard.
  7. These sites are really good. This link (http://www.quora.com/Technology-Journalism/What-are-the-best-tech-blogs) gives information on some more useful sites.
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    Best SAP BASIS Real Time Training in Chennai

    When does this SAP training or demo classes start?
  9. Can anyone provide software testing tutorials for beginners?
  10. alicecoope1

    Domestic outsourcing?

    Domestic outsourcing benefits various business enterprises by ensuring that highly skilled technical jobs remain within the country. Domestic outsourcing firms guarantee enhanced security. They help in reducing cost of operations and increase ROI.
  11. Check out the below links. It might help you. http://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/some-in...ting-resources/ http://qualitypoint.blogspot.com/2011/01/s...ting-blogs.html
  12. Choosing the right vendor for software testing services is a important aspect in every business. Many software testing companies offer a wide range of software testing services. Some of the points to consider when choosing software testing services vendor are- 1) Confirm whether they are really capable of handling the software testing process effectively and efficiently or not. 2) Consider their experience 3) Quality of providing the services 4) Documentation standards System In Motion is a software development company that provides a complete range of software testing services that are cost effective.
  13. alicecoope1

    Inshoring Model

    The inshoring IT model has been invented to build a better and more capable workforce with business technology skills, aimed at service delivery that is cost-effective, agile and aligned with business requirements. It is an effective, efficient and integrated service delivery alternative.
  14. The PHP Fat-Free Framework is a modular PHP 5.3+ Web application framework designed to help build dynamic Web sites. You can check the below link to know more about it. http://wikibin.org/articles/php-fat-free-framework.html
  15. alicecoope1

    History of Java

    Thanks Pratik for sharing the history of Java. I would like to add that it is a programming language has really changed our world and since 2006 it has been released as open source software and since 2007 as a completely free of charge software.