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  1. homealone

    can i get job ?

    dev@thanks a lot dev you bring me such a relief :)have a great Dipawali
  2. homealone

    can i get job ?

    dev@ sorry sir but i cleared my situation to them before joining this course and they promised me to provide batch at evening. Now according to me, if they knew that something like that isn't possible then they should never promised okay ! Second point is this they arrange alternative two class of theory each of 2 hrs in a week and 2 hrs for practical. So its adjustable with BE , 2 hrs not much. Well leave it, you believe it or not , its business nothing more than that. thanks for sharing your experience but in my case you see its worst experience of life may be. tell me about the format of resume plz thanks you're really very helpful person
  3. homealone

    can i get job ?

    devnathan@ thanks dev The NIIT TRAGEDY actually i went to NIIT to study ASP. NET but they refused and suggested me to join other course of C# so i did that. after that i thought that i can join 3 month certification course in ASP.NET but they again made a lot excuses that its not proper way to learn and blah blah ,nonsense in my sense , as i was pursuing engineering , m not someone who come from arts or commerce field. They suggested me to join new course DIPLOMA IN DOT.NET technology. First i hesitated because the course offered by them is quite expensive. I could learn .Net in Rs 6000 and they offered me this course cost Rs33000,and most worst thing about this course is that i have to pay again cost of C# course bcz that was a complete package, My dad was against this course though i insisted him to let me do this. finally they successfully made me fool. Once i joined the course, they stared made excuse that we dont have faculty, or we can arrange only in morning, Y dont u join other batch start at 1 am , we will surly going to start after a week keep in touch dont miss that, we cant arrange classes in evening as there is no faculty or we have to make a batch only then its possible and so on oh god! i waited 6 months for classes :-| now you are wondering that y didnt i join some other batch , right ? Yeah, i could if only college let me do so, i could not skip college ,very strict about attendance. So i had no option i just stuck. now yur question would be y not after college? that was last option , i tried but my dad refused to bear more expenses as that wasn't my city , i have to move back to my home, and i understand that was not possible for my dad as my elder sister was pursuing microbiology and her tuition was 2 lakh. So, this is whole story and i regret that y i didnt listen to my dad and made it all mess. i simply hate than more than anything else. -----------------------------------------------------xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SO now on back to topic , my year of passing is 2010 and i mention that m pursuing engg ? agg percentage till 8th sem , right ? one more question sir i have participation certification can i mention that ? RED HAT SOFT SKILLS AUTO CAD ANIMAX that is maya intro organized by IIT Guwahati as they are just participation , m not sure should i mention that or not , scared that at time of technical interview , they gonna ask everything and could be irked when they realize thats just participation certificate. thanks a lot for your concern
  4. homealone

    can i get job ?

    devnathan@ thanks dev but i read somewhere that we can apply for some it companies tooand i haven't completed that diploma they didnt arrange any class and taken all money .and now this matter is in consumer court .and also my dad is not interested to give any money for any other course. So i m just stuck here .can u plz tell me what should i write about my year of passing and format of resume.i highly appreciate your effort and once again thanks a lot for your blessing
  5. HI I have completed my engineering in 2010 , but i have backlogs I want to know if m i eligible for any company ? can i apply for any company during this period ? and what should i write about my year of passing in resume ? i have read many forms , some of them says that its possible there are some companies but i dont know procedure to apply all jobs on monster,firstnaukari, sakrarinaukari ,etc ask for graduate i am working hard , preparing for back exams and also devote some time to aptitude and english. i can not go for any training because , i was pursuing DIPLOMA IN .NET from NIIT.{cost around 28k } but they didn't arrange any class and now this matter is in CONSUMER COURT. guys please help me out , otherwise i have to quit this life
  6. homealone

    Backlog in BTech, Will any company accept ??

    hi manish i have some doubt what u said, m not sure there are any companies which offer job a person having backlog, but if it is true then plz tell me how to apply for job and where to apply ?plz help me out bcz m going thru same problem and m so depressed