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    Infosys' - Any one to join at Mysore on 22 Jan ?

    hi prasana.....gr8 to hear from u.....i am from chennai and i am starting from here on 20th night and will reach mysore on 21st.....so how abt u....where r u from...?mail id: balajits17@gmail.com
  2. balajits17

    Infosys' - Any one to join at Mysore on 22 Jan ?

    HI prasana...I am balaji and from chennai....i am starting on 20th and will reach there by 21st morning....how about you.....where r u from .....mail me at balajits17@gmail.com
  3. Hi everyone... Thanks to all the guidance and suppourt given by the other members... I have made it to Infosys atlast... I have cleared the interview with infy held on dec 26 in chennai.....I have also recieved the offer letter through mail specifying that i need to report at the mysore campus on Jan 22nd.....Is there any other person joining in at the same date....?anyone from chennai? let us know eachother before we join .... Once again thanks to all members....