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  1. hai i have checked it on the givem url but no details found .So if you provide some proper mail ids it will be usefull to all .I kindly request chetanas mam to to do some thing this please
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    hai friends kindly mail me tha answer There are 6 people- W,H,M,C,G,F.they are Murderer,Victim,Judge,Police,Witness,Hangman.The Murderer Was later Hanged.1)M knew both Murderer and the Victim.2)Judge asked C to Discribe the Murder incident.3) W was Last to see F alive.4) police Found G at the Murder site.5) H and W have never met. Find who is who?( they asked only Who is MurdererVictimJudgeWitness
  3. Hai this is srinivasan a silent member of this groupAs you said about CTS it is not trueWe have to give our X std Mark Sheet No during the time of registrationand that number will uniqurly identify us and that will be displayed in our hall ticketthey used this no to check whether we have taken the test in past 12 monthsSo kindly give your X std registration number any doubts regarding CTS Mail meemailbsrini@yahoo.co.inAll the best for job seekers