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    25yrs EXP looking for job

    hi were to find apt job for 25yrs mechanical engineering exp (iron and steel industry) looking for General manager designation
  2. It is a consultancy....It was no use for me..if u r certified Oracle or SAP person u can go and give ur resume they may link u to some good companies
  3. deepan123

    IBM Mainframe or SAP

    wanna ask about this SAP job role in a company is it worth taking?The are gonna train me in SAP functional technical for 2month then the following is the job roleJob role:1st i have to meet clients tell them about ERP SAP B1 then get the requirements do some case study then 2nnd do the FUnctional part with the obtained requirements (ie: building business model and other functional part) then if so do technical part too in .net Is this job worth taking a shot.will it have future scope and growth.Will i get job else were after exp in other bigger companies?If so how much could i expect my salary package once experienced for 2yrs?Good module?Also suggest the good modules which are good in demand.i am going to join a SAP implementation company as fresher I would like to gain exp in both functional+technical(.net) is it worth?
  4. deepan123

    IBM Mainframe or SAP

    Hi all i am very confuced about my career i am a avg student got 60% in 10th.... 50% in 12th....got 5 backlogs now given for reevaluation.Dont know what to proceed how to proceed.I am a btech Electronics and instrumentation student 2011 pass out.Looking for IT job.Heard SAP and mainframe both are good course and have very good demanding openings good pay scale and onsite opportunities. Confused weither to take Mainframe or SAP course or go for dad's recommendation in automation field (Core field) or is it bad time to decide all this and just sit n wait till you clear all backlogs Also let me know the best place to learn Mainframe and SAP courses respectively Pls help me my head is breaking like anything lots of pressure and confusion
  5. I am a fresher 2011 Batch from INdia.I had Recently attended a interview a few hrs back.They said they will be giving me the job is SAP business development They will give 2months training for SAp and then i have to Market it to clients by telling them what are the advantages..blah blah..ITS SAP B1This is my doubt..1>Is This kind of job worth and have future scopes? ,good pay scale?,And chances abroad in foreign countries2>Can i be later be able to move into development side of SAP3>which area of SAP is worth i mean like development to marketing the SAP product4>If its the same job kind as i mentioned above (ie.the marketing type) how much pay can i ask as a fresherPlease help me out