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  1. Dear Chethanaites Help me to get a good Job. this is my story --------------------- At the time of joining for a Graduation, one said that Electronics is a better course for the future than computer, so I did my Graduation in Electronics and passed in First Class. After completion of my Graduation the recession is at its peak. That's why I went for a Diploma in Animation & Web Technology course to get a job in Web Technology. After completing that course the same person told me that you will get huge salary if you mastered in the same subject you studied for your Graduation. By listening to him I went for Post Graduation in Electronics and passed in First Class (4th rank) but not get any Job. Then I went for a diploma course in a subject which I studied at PG Electronics, ie Diploma in Embedded Systems(DESD) from CDAC. But after completing the course at CDAC, they said that "now no Embedded People needed :angry: , we will call you as if any vacancy comes". Now this is the 4th month since I completed the diploma from CDAC. All are doing some sort of business and I still remain UNEMPLOYED . What should I do? Do I need to study further for getting a better job?
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    First the guard asked 12--- The member said 6.. because the The sum of the digits of the numbers must be equal to 9 .ie the CODE ie 1+2=3 then in order to get 9 the member must add 6 . (1+2+6=9) The Guard asked to the next member Number 6.... in order to get 9 the member must add 3 to get 9. (6+3=9) Thus in the case of 4 in order to get 9 the member must add 5. (4+5=9) Enjoy!
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    Good looking people get better jobs !!!

    Yaa! Little of the people are more materialistic today. But Talent Prevails above the Appearance. The candidate must have to answer and speak energetically and enthusiastically. If fairness is the main factor to get a job, then why a post graduate and good looking like me is still unemployed? :angry: :angry: :angry: