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  1. I would like to describe some facts about financial assistant. We will see a boom for this job in the coming days. This job provide guidance to businesses and individuals making investment decisions. This job can be divided in two categories one is buy side analyst and second is sell side analyst. The buy side financial analysts devise investment strategies. The Analysts on the buy side work for companies that have a great deal of money to invest. These companies are called independent money managers, insurance companies, hedge funds and non profit organizations with large endowments. Sell side analysts help securities dealers, such as bonds, banks and other investment. South Africa provide many jobs for financial analyst and provides R200,000 - R300,000 Per Year salary for experienced person.Following are the responsibilities for this job:=>Prepare and review marketing expense summaries. =>Organize, maintain and manage all financial data. =>Provide assistance in preparation of annual budget and strategic plans. =>Prepare monthly or periodical financial reports, statements and operating reviewsIf you have more information about this job then discuss it here.
  2. I have seen this job is going to be very popular in these days. This job is based on projects. Individual projects can range from three months to nine months depending on location. You should be eligible for construction or repair of houses, buildings, or other structures such as highways and roads for this job. South Africa provide R38,000 - R60,000 Per Month salary for experienced person. The worker of this job often work with engineers, architects, and others who are involved in the construction process. For this job you should be responsible for the following tasks:1)You should be able to Develop and implement quality control programs.2)Prepare contracts and negotiate revisions, changes and additions to contractual agreements with clients, consultants, architects, subcontractors and suppliers.3)Evaluate construction methods and determine cost-effectiveness of plans, using computers.4)Experienced in substation indoor work as well as outdoor switch yard constructionThere are many jobs of Construction Manager available in South Africa. Some Construction manager relevant jobs I have mentioned below:1)construction superintendent2)constructor3)project manager4)project engineer5)executive construction managerIf you want to further discuss about this topic then you can discuss it here.
  3. PHP Fat-Free framework is getting very popular these days. If you can gain some insight into this, it will be helpful to face a PHP Interview. PHP Fat-Free's is a object-oriented design which helps application developers to write more reliable and better-looking PHP programs. It is a modular, powerful and lightweight web application which works with PHP 5.3 or later. It is designed to build dynamic Web sites. It aims to be "usable, not usual". This Framework provides simple domain-specific language for defining Restful Web services. PHP Fat-Free Framework does not depend on PHP external classes, PEAR libraries, PECL modules or third-party components. If you want to further discussion about this topic you can discuss it here.
  4. JQuery is useful for ASP.NET developers because it is Open source and free that is used by Web developers to navigate perform animations, add Ajax interactions, HTML documents and handle events to Web pages. JQuery is for client and server side DOM manipulation. We can surely throw away JQuery scripts from the codebehind, which would then run on the client. We can also easily add DIVs from the codebehind. You can put a placeholder on your page where you want it to show up, then create a Panel in the codebehind and insert it into the placeholder. To create JQuey for ASP.NET the following syntax is used: <div class="classname”> %SOMEVALUE_fromAsp.NetCode% </div>? If you have more information about it please discuss it here.
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    History of Java

    Java is Object Oriented Programming language. Java is developed by James Gosling & Sun Microsystems. Java is commonly like as C++ language. Java is designed by Sun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle Corporation). Java is associated with the World Wide Web (WWW). Generally, Java was developed to solve a particular type of program relevant problem. Some advantages and disadvantages are I have mentioned below :Advantages of Java:=>Java is multi threaded=>Java is interpreted=>Java is open secure=>Java is platform-independent=>Java is object-oriented=>Java is SimpleDisadvantage of Java:=>Performance is slow=>Single-paradigm languageIf you want to know more about Java Programming language then discuss it here.
  6. pratikjajal

    Accounting Jobs

    Now-a-days the the demand of accounting job is growing. The meaning of accounting is that a record of financial transactions for an asset or such as at a bank, individual, credit card company, brokerage, or retail store. There are many company provide the Job of Accountant and many person applies for this job. The main benefit of this job is that we can built our career.There are many kinds of accounts:1)Nominal Accounts2)Real Accounts3)Personal Accounts.There are too many option to get this Job some option are I have mentioned below:=>First of all you should be able to for this Job.=> Your resume will be your First impression because when you apply for this job then interviewer will check your resume and decide that you are able or not for this job.=> When you apply for this Job in big company you will need experience about 2-3 Years.If you want to further discussion about this Topic you can discuss here.