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    Pink Vs Blue

    Simple.. pink signifies girls.. blue signifies boys.. the discussion goes like giving thier own pros and cons....
  2. Hi frns, I have gone thru infy on 12th july in khammam thru cpm, I could’nt get thru the test. The paper was simple. All 9 out of ten were previous questions u don blieve =>so verbal was given importance while correcting and also don’t attend all 10 questions even if u know correction bcoz of upper cutoff and answer those questions those which u know sol, don’t try to bluff by attempting guessing. One of my friends wrote 6 questions correctly and dint attended other questions was selected, so be aware that attempt only known questions, nothing wrong in trying but if u don get sol dint write answer on mains if u already know answer. i tried 2 solve most of the questions and the solution i gave is one of the approaches to make u understand. 1. A boy asks his father, " what is the age of grand father?". Father replied " He is x years old in x^2 years", and also said, "we are talking about 20th century". what is the year of birth of grand father? Solution: 20th century means 1900 to 1999 so find a perfect square in this range 44^2=1936 so 1936-44=1892 Ans: 1892 (sure) 2. A lady was out for shopping. she spent half of her money in buying A and gave 1 doller to bagger. futher she spent half of her remaining money and gave 2 doller to charity. futher she spent half of remaining money n gave 3 dollor to some childrans. now she has left with 1 doller. how much she had in the beginning? Solution: We have 2 solutions here Sol.1:) back tracking: he is left with one dollar so v start from that 1 1+3=4 4*2=8 8+2=10 10*2=20 20+1=21 21*2=42 sol.2:) she has initially x a(gave) b(remaining) (1)(x/2)+1 (1) (x/2)-1 (2)((x+6)/4)+2 ie [(1)/2+2] (2) (x-10)/4 ie b(1)-a(2) (3) (x+14)/8+3 ie [(2)/2+3] (3) b(2)-a(3)=1 u get answer for x Ans $42 (sure) 3. In Mulund, the shoe store is closed every Monday, the boutique is closed every Tuesday, the grocery store is closed every Thursday and the bank is open only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Everything is closed on Sunday.(question not exactly same but the model is same) One day A, B, C and D went shopping together, each with a different place to go. They made the following statements: A D and I wanted to go earlier in the week but there wasn�t day when we could both take care of our errands. B I did not want to come today but tomorrow I will not be able to do what I want to do. C I could have gone yesterday or the day before just as well as today. D Either yesterday or tomorrow would have suited me. Which place did each person visit ? Ans : A-BOUTIQUE B-BANK C-GROCERY D-SHOE 4. A+B+C+D=D+E+F+G=G+H+I=17 given A=4.Find value of G and H? sol: sum of all equations is (A+B+C+2D+E+F+2G+H+I)=17*3=51 =>+B+C+D+E+F+G+H+I+(D+G)=51 =>something by this method v can get , by trial and error it is lengthy. Ans : G = 5 E=1 (sure) 5). B & C initially speak English but when D joined Spanish, they also took up Spanish. The only common language between A, B and E is French. The only common language between C and E is Italian. Three people speak Portuguese. Most common language is Spanish. One person knows all 5 languages. One person knows 4. One person knows 3. One person 2. One person 1. Who speaks what ? (6 marks). 1. A Knows i. English, Spanish, Portuguese ii. French, English, Spanish iii. French, Italian, Spanish. 2. E knows i. French, Portuguese ii. English, Spanish, Portuguese iii. Italian, Spanish, French 3. B knows i. Spanish, French ii. English, French, Italian iii. Portuguese, English, French, Spanish. 4. C Knows…(and some options) sol: to get the solution the choice questions(1,2,3,4) should also taken into consideration. This can be solved by forming a table is languages Vs a,b,c,d,e A-3. B-5. C-4. D-1. E-2. 6)If one-fifth of a hive of bees flew to the badamba flower, one-third flew to the slandbara, three times the difference of these two numbers flew to an arbour, and one bee continued to fly about, attracted on each side by the fragrant Ketaki and Malati, what was the total number of bees ? (4 Marks) Sol : x=x/5+x/3+3(x/3-x/5)+1=x x=15 The number of bees was 15. ans:15 (sure) 7).some people are there and total less than 500.some students are in school and number of students is divisible by some numbers like 2,3 etc. some condition was given ans:420. very simple.take lcm of all those numbers 8).There was a person who smoked a lot .One day he decided to quit his habit, but he had 27 cigarettes with him. So he started smoking them one by one ,to finish them. He had the habit of smoking only 2/3rd of it and leaving the rest butt. later he found out that by joining 3 butts he can form 1 cigarette. So ,tell haw many cigarettes in all he smoked. ANS from 3 butts he get 1 cigarette.Hence from 27 butts he get 9 (27/3) cigarettes. 3 butts give way 1 cigarette 27 27/3=9 9/3=3 3/3=1 total: 27+9+3+1=40 ans:40 (sure) 9. a truck can drive 12 gallons of fuel with 25 miles per gallon, but due to the leakage it could drive only 4 hrs at 50 miles/hr. how many gallons of fuel was wasted in the total leakage. Sol: 4 hrs with 50mph means a distance of 200 kms, 25*12miles per gallon=300miles 300-200=100, 100/25=4gallons were wasted. ans:4 gallons (sure) 10… sorry, don remember. It is like a farmer planted different crops like corn, paddy, maize, total of 6 crops and some conditions were gived that he will plant under certain combinations and also alternatively of some sort, it was easy but I couldn’t solve as per time limit. Any doubts regardin this u can mail me up at rahulvignan@yahoo.com.
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    2a) 1, 2 ,3,8,27,224 1 1*2+1=2 2*3+2=8 3*8+3=27(ans) 8*27+8=224 logic:mul previous 2nums and add the 1st previous number 1, 2, 3, 5, 16, 79 1*2+1=3 2*3-1=5 3*5+1=16 5*16-1=79(ans)logic: mul previous 2 nums and add alternateively +1 and -1. any doubts regardin this mail me up at rahulvignan@gmail.com