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  1. PLease can someone give me Employee reference ID for "HEXAWARE " and "AMDOCS"please helpEmail id:aqbhavya@yahoo.co.in
  2. hello friends and chetana mami want to apply for MBT.to apply we need some referanc. i dont no any one working in MBT. last date is 12th july. please helpi think its employees referal scheme
  3. hi all i tried filling up the TCS form but facing a problem.......... each time i fill up my institute it says"invalid institute" i hv done my BE from visveshwaraiah technical university(VTU) KARNATAKA with 63.4%. please suggest. i wana give the off-campus exam ..............is any one facing this prob?waiting for reply soon
  4. excellent...... well done . i am a 2006 pass out with 63.4 % till my 7th sem and waiting for my 8th sem results. i was really demoralized coz i was not selected in any ON-campus TEST conducted by reputed companies ............ but now i guess its time to work hard and give my best and keep tryingplease guide me and tell me which books should i prepare from for OFF CAMPUS companies TEST
  5. Question 1)fifty minutes ago if it was four times as many minutes past three o'clock, how many minutes is it to six o'clockquestion 2)all the nine digits are arranged here so as to form four square numbers :9, 81, 324, 576how would you put them together so as to form a single smallest possible square number and a singlelargest possible square number?question 3)we all know that hour hand and minute hand on a clock travel at different speeds.however,there are certain occasions when they are exactly opposite each other. can u give a simple formula for calculating the times of these occasions?all these questions are from SHAKUNTALA DEVI's puzzles to puzzles............. please solve these for me.thank you
  6. hi i had registered on-line for TCS off-campus ... but there is no information about the test date or venue.does any one have any info regarding the off campus test ?please do reply !!!! thanksbhavya
  7. hello everyone.... could u plz solve this puzzle farmer thimmayya bought some mules at Rs50 each.sheep at Rs 40 each.goat at Rs 25 each and pigs at Rs 10 each. the average price of the animals per head worked to Rs 30 how many animals of each kind did he buy?