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  1. Hi Guys,I'm looking for Matlab (Summer) training courses in Chennai. This is for a friend of mine.... He is completing his 3rd year ECE. He wants to utilize his summer holidays by attending Matlab course, which he intends to use it for his final year projects.Looking for some options from you guys.CheersM
  2. Hi,I guess you are talking about VSS knowledge base.... If so you can easily get it by Googling.My 2 cents about VSS:Its basically a version control tool suitable for small & medium size projectsIts lightweight product when compared to others like Clearcase, perforceCheersMuthu
  3. Hi Rajahram,Yes your profile is suitable for that opening. I hope you have interest in making a career in Performance Engineering.CheersMuthu
  4. Hi Chetanites, Polaris is recruiting for its Performance Engg division. See the requirement below: ****************************************************************************** Performance Engineering - Opportunity with Polaris Software Lab. Polaris' is expanding its current Performance Engineering team. Currently the need is for professionals who are interested in Performance Engineering as a career. Members selected will have seamless access to Polaris Performance Engineering Lab situated in Chennai & Toronto, Canada Experience - 1+ years of experience in software development/testing Education - Any Bachelors degree (computer science is preferred) or above Skills - Very good communication skills is a "must"; Good knowledge in any one or more of the following: Web server, App server, J2EE & Database concepts; should be willing to travel Please use the subject line "Application for Performance Engineering Lab" with your resume attached and forwarded to jerom.a@polaris.co.in Last date: 15th February 2008 ****************************************************************************** If you need any clarification's let me know. Cheers Muthu
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    Hi Sony,Refer to the post with the subject "Version, Build & release". There I have given a detailed explanation about SCM and its components.If you still have doubt write to me.CheersMuthu L
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    build, version and release

    HiVersion, Build & Release put together comprises of Configuration Management (CM). Infact to describe in jargons CM constitutes of version management(VM), build management (BM) and release management(RM).VM - During the development of the software each file (For example java, jsp, documents) gets modified several times. Everytime the file is changing you have to backup the original file since you never know whether new one will work or not.But in a real time project where you have 1000's of file it is not possible. So there are tools in the market for VM. So if you add all these files in to that tool then it takes care maintaining old & new modification you to do that file. Each of that change to the file is called version. For example you modify the file today put it in the tool and again 2maro your doing the same. Now this file has got 2 versions.BM - All these files has to be compiled and sent to client or testing team. So BM is the process of compiling the sources and packing the deliverables. For example Client A needs deliverbales in EAR format where as Client B needs it in TAR format. So all these are handled in BMRM - Once the product compilation is over the deliverbales/executables will be tested on several environments and then finally moved to real time environmnet. So how do we track it. Thats wat Rm tools does. For example Win 98, Win 2000, Win Me all are windows releases. These releases and its bugs and patches will be tracked by RM.Hope this was useful to your query.RegardsMuthu
  7. Hi I'm sure all the above would have helped you. In addition to that I wish add few more things based on my experience while working for a HR consultancy firm.Most of the time the interviewer ask this question to pick up leads about you. You can be 100% sure that whatever you said in Introduction (Abt your skills, Academics etc) will be the topic of discussion later.So you better prepare yourself for a detailed discussion on every word you say at the time of introduction.If you think you are good in a particular area (Example Network security) touch upon that area in the introduction. (While talking about your skillset). By this you are inviting the person to ask you questions in your favorite area. Instead if you give a long and whole history of life, work & skillset. You are in a position of disadvantage by opening up everything.It's a clever act. But belive me it pays off well. All the best.RegardsMuthu
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    (QUERY) Not getting any interview calls

    Hi Sangeetha,Cheer up. Its not that percentage alone matters but the big companies goes by percentage cut off since it helps them to short list.Well defintely you can enter in to this field with a bit of extra effort. Big companies gives advertisements but many small note worthy companies do recruit.They dont publish it bcoz they dont recruit in 100's and 1000's.Hence target small companies and when you get a interview chance impress them with your communication skills and analytical skills.So cheerup yourself.There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulties, or you alter yourself to meet them. -- Phyllis BottomeCheersMuthu
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    (QUERY) Technical writer job

    Hi Garima,Defntly Techincal writing as a career is good. But its all depends on whether you wanted to do it. If you want to program and do the design of software then that will not be possible in that role.If you have a flair for creative writing and wish to see things from end user perspective..then its a good choice.Hope it helps.CheersMuthu