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    BEST Tips for acing Group Discussions

    a great thankful to u
  2. sweetsubhash.08@gmail.com


    Hi, please let me know the wipro exam pattern if any one knows.please mail me at sweetsubhash.08@gmail.comthanks for advanceall the bestsubahsh
  3. can u please send to me ... please sweetsubhash.08@gmail.comthanks for advance
  4. sweetsubhash.08@gmail.com

    accenture off campus?

    Hi, My name is subhash, In SJBIT College so many off campuses is going on so please any of 2010 fresher of SJBIT student please , let me know if any off campuses informations are going on please...., i am 2010 fresher, AMC Engineering College , Bangalore my id is sweetsubhash.08@gmail.com
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    hey please send me CTS model question papers sweetsubhash.08@gmail.comand tell abt CTS everything please
  6. sweetsubhash.08@gmail.com

    Mphasis Test : AMCAT (Aspiring Minds )

    hey please send me questions also sweetsubhash.08@gmail.com please on 5th i have exam
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    I got into TCS in my 79th Attempt

    well done praveen enjoy the fruits of IT field. I am in the field of job hunting now in bangalore. sweetsubhash.08@gmail.comand please inform me which books we need to prepare for written test.............based on the companies will preperation is going to be changed or same books onlyawaiting for the replysweetsubhash.08@gmail.com
  8. sweetsubhash.08@gmail.com

    cts new pattern

    HI, This subhash from bangalore. even i too want to know the details if any could know please mail me sweetsubhash.08@gmail.com
  9. Hi, this subhash from bangalore.i have an TCS exam on 22 aug at 1 P.M, i was preparing for the testis the test and HR round both will be conducted on same day or different days ?please inform me or mail me sweetsubhash.08@gmail.com
  10. sweetsubhash.08@gmail.com

    c,c++ lecture material(very useful)

    thank u very much
  11. sweetsubhash.08@gmail.com

    Hi from Chetana

    really you are the such nice and good person thank u very much for your services..........
  12. sweetsubhash.08@gmail.com

    cts test registration

    do registration with another mail account