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    'INFOSYS' - TIPS to Clear !

    Aditi, If u have exp below 12 months, u can apply as a fresher to freshers@infosys.com. But ,don't forget to apply when they give ad in newspapers for freshers. Check out the id in the newspaper. Also, you can go to their website and create your profile, inside the careers web page.ALL THE BEST.
  2. rvsmt@indiainfo.com

    THE 'SALAD' PROBLEM - Pls Solve, Exam on 5 Sep ?

    Hai sharad!I will try to explain my approach.1. As I have mentioned in the previous reply, there are 4 possible fruit combinations. Write them down 1. A C B 2. A C G 3. B G C 4. G A B2. Now to these 4 combinations, you have to fix the girls and their families.3. Read all the conditions and try to remember them. 4. Miller family must fit into 1st or 2nd combination (according to 2nd condition)5. Robin does not belong to Miller family. Therefore robin does not fit into 1st and 2nd combination. But Robin uses apple. Therefore , exactly robin fits into 4th combination. 6. Now see the 3rd condition. Flure uses only one of them between cherries and grapes. Therefore Flure family must fit into 1st or 4th combination. Now the solution splits into two possible cases. For first case assume that flure fits into 1st combination and try solving. If we assume. that flure fits into 1st combination, the status of solution is like this: A C B _________ Flure A C G _________ ________ B G C _________ ________ G A B Robin _________7. Now according to 2nd condition, Miller must fit into 2nd combination only. And according to 3rd condition , Clark must fit into 3rd condition only. Therefore Jacob will fit into the 4th combination , i.e.. A C B ________ Flure A C G ________ Miller B G C ________ Clark G A B Robin Jacob8. Now according to 4th condition, Erica must fit into 2nd combination. And according to 2nd condition Mandy must fit into the 1st combination. The left over is 3rd combination and therefore stacy fits there. i.e.. A C B Mandy Flure A C G Erica Miller B G C Stacy Clark G A B Robin JacobThat's it..
  3. rvsmt@indiainfo.com

    THE 'SALAD' PROBLEM - Pls Solve, Exam on 5 Sep ?

    I think the question is itself wrong.Reason:There are 4 fruits. You have to choose 3 out of 4. This can be done only in 4 ways. (Using 4C3)All the possible 4 combinations are:1. A C B2. A C G3. B G C4. G A BOn calculation I got two correct answers. Both the answers satisfy the given conditions. So I feel there must be something wrong in the conditions or in the answer choices.Iam not able to express my calculations.But check out this answers with the conditions givenAns 1 :Girl Family Fruit combinationMandy Jacob A C BErica Miller A C GStacy Clark B G CRobin Flure G A BAns 2:Girl FAmily Fruit combinationMandy Flure A C BErica Miller A C GStacy Clark B G CRobin Jacob G A BCheck out this and give me the feedback.
  4. rvsmt@indiainfo.com

    'INFOSYS' - TIPS to Clear !

    hai praveenprakash.Iam a 2005 passout. yes, between all my attemps there was more than 9 month gap.First one was in Campus, i.e when i was in 6th sem.Second soon after my college.Final - after one year, i.e recently.
  5. rvsmt@indiainfo.com


    1. Assume the speed with which the car travelled b4 puncture as " Original Speed" 10 min for changing the tyre. They arrive 30min late. In this 30min ,10min goes for changing the tyre. other 20min is for driving slowly i.e at 30mph. Driver says " If the pucture had occured after 30miles (from the actual location of pucture) they would have arrived 20min late" Therefore, considering this situatiion - In 20min, 10min goes for changing the tyre, the other 10min for driving slowly i.e at 30mph. Therefore, from the above two scenarios , one can conclude that - By driving for 30miles with the original speed 10min is saved. If, suppose after the pucture the car is driven at oriiginal speed itself, they will be only 10min late, which accounts for changing the tyre. But see actually what happens, they are late by 30min. 10min for changing the tyre. 20min for driving slowly. We have conlcuded ,previously that by driving 30miles with the original speed 10min is saved. If the driver has to save 20min , he has to drive for 60miles with the original speed. Therefore the pucture occurs 60miles b4 the destination. If 60miles is driven with 30mph, time taken will be 2hrs. But If the same distance is driven with original speed time taken will be 1hr40min. From this original speed can be calculated as 36mph.Given that, b4 pucture they travel for 2hrs. Therefore distance travelled is 72miles. Total distance is 72 + 60 = 132miles.
  6. rvsmt@indiainfo.com

    'INFOSYS' - TIPS to Clear !

    Hello friends! I had three encounters with infy. 1st time - Campus interview - Didn't clear the test. - Reason - I got struck in one of the 8 marks problem. I spent more time on one particular question. As a resullt I didn't read 4 questions at all. - Lessons learnt - Time management is important. Practice some cat papers. If cannot find answer for one of the puzzle after 1 or 2 trys and approaches , jump for other which looks simple. 2nd time - Cleared the test, but couldn't clear the interview. - Reason - Didn't show confidence. Was panic, when questions such as " Since you are from non-IT branch how will you contribute to this industry" and " Why should we select you , when many others are there from IT branches." - Lessons learnt - As soon as you enter the interview room, you must wish to the HR ppl. Usually 2 will be there, wish each of them separately. They measure your energy and confidence, at that instant itself. If you wish only one of them, the other won't behave properly. She / he will be just watching you and the other HR speaking. This may not always happen, but its better to wish both of them " Good morning " or "good afternoon" etc... Its better to carry 2 resumes with you , try to give each one of them a resume. Rather than , u giving one resume and both the HR ppl may lead their hands and you will be confused , as to whom should the resume be given. In order to avoid this scene, its better to carry 2 copies of resume. 3rd time - Cleared both the test & interview. Had prepared for all the interview questions that might be asked. When you get previous question papers, try as much as possible to solve the puzzles by yourself, rather than just looking for answers after a single try. Don't have a conditioned mind that infy always repeats the questions. These things are from my own experiences. Different ppl may have different experiences. I will be glad, if the readers can benefit from this message. ALL THE BEST GUYS!!
  7. rvsmt@indiainfo.com

    Do I mention 2004 passout or 2005?

    I feel its better to mention the things clearly in resume.AsFinal exam held on : DEC 2004 Result declared on: FEB 2005Let the ppl who see your resume decide however they like.All the BestBye
  8. rvsmt@indiainfo.com

    'INFOSYS' - Joining on 25 Sep (Hyd), Anyone else ??

    Hai Roshini!This is Vijay.I too got the offer letter from infy. The Doj is 25Sep at Hyderabad. Does ur e-mail letter contains the annexure ,which they have mentioned about in the first para.If so plz reply me at vjyraghavendra@yahoo.co.in
  9. rvsmt@indiainfo.com

    Is ANIIT a Good One to PURSUE ?

    Hai de.stranger!Try do the course in CDAC , its good institute and have strict & competitive entrance exams for the course.See www.cdacindia.com for more details. They have very good placements at main centres.Even ANIIT is good, but do it in some reputed centres or main centres of NIIT. I know some of my friends who have done ANIIT, and have got good number of calls for interviews. They give hefty number of chances but the rest depends on you. If u join ANIIT, have patience upto the end of course. Don't quit the course in halfway , if you find the quality of coaching is not good. Work hard and practice yourself during the course. One thing is sure, even though the coaching may be or may not be good, but NIIT offers nice placements. This is based on my and my friends experience.Bye,
  10. rvsmt@indiainfo.com

    NIIT Courses - are they worth doing for placements ?

    Hai!You will have good chance of placement if you do the course in main branches of NIIT like Jayanagar, Residency road (For Eg: in Bangalore). Or find out the main branch in ur city and join to that only. They will give enough number of chances / companies. Iam not sure about the coaching quality. But , If u have patience and be positive upto the end of course, u may get placed. I have heard from my friends , that they will give good number of chances, but the rest depends on you.U Get Placed Soon.Bye,
  11. rvsmt@indiainfo.com

    Infy puzzz

    Answer for 2nd question is 50Kg.Sol: Initiallly After evaporation Total weight - 100kg Amount of water - 99kg Amount of Potatoes - 1kg 1kg Water percentage - 99% 98% - Given that water percentage will be 98%. therefore fill up that row for 2nd column- We know that the amount of potatoes or weight of potatoes neither increases nor decreases ,therefore fill up 1kg for this row for 2nd column-Therfore total weight and amount of water must decrease by the same quantity such that ((99-x) / (100-x)) * 100 = 98% u get x = 50kg.