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    i completed my graduation in electrical engineering.my areas of interests are in establishing a multi chain cuisines in near by future,
  1. yallamreddy sudheer

    infosys date of joining march-7th

    hi can any one tell details and prerequisite things while joining in infosysand detaila about training for non cs students
  2. hi i got my doj as march 7th .
  3. yallamreddy sudheer


    i got ds info frm face bookOm Prakash Dubey:TCS OFFCAMPUS RECRUITS 2010:Hi friends i got another info from my cousin(she is hr at trivendrum) and happy to tell you about it... she said that The batches of offcampus recruitments are almost formed and dispatching of JOINING LETTERS will b starting soon after 25th nov...she said that about 70-80% of offcampus students from all locations will get the joining dates before December ends...she gave the tentatively planned dates for offcampus people at trivendrum ILP as On Jan 5th - 3 batchesOn Jan 30 -4 batchesOn feb-20 - 2 batchesHe said the dates may be preponed but definitely not postponed much...and about the IT/ITIS debate she said the students are informed before the written test if the drive is for ITIS..she said that if ITIS students perform well in training they may switch to IT...so chill..have fun
  4. yallamreddy sudheer


    hi no need to worry only some got aspire mail probably it vl be the first batch
  5. yallamreddy sudheer

    Any body who is cumin to manglore for Mphasis on 22nd nov

    hi mee to got doj as nov 22nd.
  6. yallamreddy sudheer

    Spoke with Ranodeep(TCS HR) regarding ASPIRE

    can u give me radoopsen no sudheerreddy55@gmail.com
  7. yallamreddy sudheer

    TCS Welcome mail from Aspire - ILP

    what aspire service is for bpo or what little bit worried
  8. yallamreddy sudheer

    Mphasis DOJ????

    i also attended on 6th.got offer letter on 10th.till now no info abt doj
  9. those who want ilp material its here http://elearning.tvm.tcs.co.in/
  10. mail me the format of documents my mailid is sudheerreddy55@gmail.comthanks in advance
  11. yallamreddy sudheer

    mphasis joining date.plz help out

    when u got joining letter.where and when did u attend interview
  12. yallamreddy sudheer

    Waiting for DOJ of Mphasis(sep 6)

    hi i too got selected for mphasis@bangalore if any one get any info about date of joining please post here
  13. yallamreddy sudheer

    Mphasis Or Satyam - Please Help, Very Urgent, One Day Remaining.

    go for satyam.as it is now mahindra satyam.it is regaining its old form rapidly.mphasis pay is less and bond is also there
  14. yallamreddy sudheer

    ibm ipat test info

    the reply is from employee referral
  15. yallamreddy sudheer

    ibm ipat test info

    hi i got a mail to take ibm ipat test within 7 days.do any one has idea about this test?