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  1. even i'm waiting eagerly for the drive but dont know when it is going to start whwn ever i see the resume will be under the section to be screened only.I think here only they are checking our patience haha.
  2. reddyhitha9


    2. in a class there is instace variable 'a' (int a=10) within that class itself there is a static block there is another variable 'a' (inside static block int a=20) . Now within that class itself ther is a main and inside main they are tyring to print the variable 'a' then which one will get printed ?[10 or 20]//class Insstatblock { int a=10; static { int a=20; } public static void main(String[] args) { Insstatblock ib=new Insstatblock(); System.out.println("in main!"+ib.a); }}instance variable value 10 will b printed.inside static block int a=20,the value 20 is upto that block only .so if we call from main method then definitely the instance variable value is printed i.e.10
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    3. can ther be two main methods in a class having(a) public static void main(String args[])(cool.gif public static void main(int args[])no a class should contain only 1 main method other wise ambuiguity occurs and leads to run time error
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    (FAQ) 30 JAVA Questions with Answers

    Thanks Ravi i have cleared many doubts from the information given
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    Abstract vs Interface

    2.why we are writing String[] args in main method any special purpose? if we write another type what happenString ar[] can also b written like this String[] ar
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    Abstract vs Interface

    The main difference between Abstract and interface is that abstract class can have abstract methods and concrete methods,methods with body where as Interface will have only Abstract methods.//ex for Abstract classclass Abstractclass{ void print() { System.out.print("abstract class"); } void show();}//ex for interfaceinteface Implent{ void print(); void show();}
  7. Thanks , info given doesn't deserve small thanks thanks a lotttttttt.
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    Good looking people get better jobs !!!

    Its different in different situations may b in call centers or marketing side importance to beauty.Even i listened to the saying of one recruiter that "The girl is so beautiful but she doesn't know anything so didn't select her "Beauty may help upto some extent (only in some cases) it cant allow to go through the whole path.
  9. yes why they consider marks in 10 ,12 standards cant a student become eligible to get a job in 3,4 years after their intermediate
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    Practice Interviews

    I think it will be helpful if their is a virtual interview .How much nice it will be if a site is present to conduct gds,written,hr for all job seekers .
  11. Media plays a vital role in bringing awareness in the society ,may result in positive direction or negitive direction.It is becoming a source to earn money.One side We can see the awareness created by media on the issues like Polio drops,Hiv and all the things happening but on the other side : [*]we can see the adds on the Yahoo home page about the celebrities,is it needed to place those topics on the home page [*] moreover in the Tv channels we can see all the stupid issues given importance like marriages of celebrities daughters etc they will be showing days together,celebrities are followed like a hutch dog continuously [*]and the hindi serials ,I never understand when they start and when they end .The same episodes will be shown continuously its like this: we can use a knife to protect some one even to kill some one .its in our hands to use it