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    HCL aspiring minds

    does any 1 know will hcl aspiring minds send an email abt amcat result whether u r qualified or not..i gave CBT on 19th sep.in mail its written, Please note : Only shortlisted candidates will be intimated for next level of selection
  2. i m also waiting for the result as i gave CBT on 19th sep at ITS college Greater Noida
  3. int fib(int n){ return( n==0 || n==1 ? n : fib(n-1) + fib(n-2) );}
  4. u can by modifying quick sort for linked list..
  5. Rohit011

    predict output c

    output will b string in both caseu r passing address from both functions which can b accessed outside function..but that temp variable has no scope outside the function..
  6. wat if two strings r given instead of pointer to string?
  7. Rohit011

    HCL aspiring minds

    i gave CBT on 19th sep in Greater noidaany 1 know when will they announce results by mail, tellng either i hav cleared or not.
  8. Rohit011

    HCL aspiring minds

    not yet
  9. Rohit011

    A c program problem

    wats comma logic??1/(1-x) formula is for infinite series. without while loop it can b done by recursion Sum(int n) { if(n==0) return 1; return(Sum(n-1)+pow(x,n)); }
  10. i registerd in august n got test on 19 sep....u will receive an email from aspiring minds abt the test details
  11. Rohit011


    data structures using c and c++by Aaron M.Tenenbaum and othersAlgorithm by cormen.