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  1. In 100 kg of potatoes, 99% is water. Hence 99 kg is made up of water and the remaining 1kg is made up of dry matter. The amount of dry matter is constant. Only the amount of water varies due to evaporation. Therefore, even in the new weight, the amount of dry matter is 1 kg. Let the new weight of the potatoes be x kg. In x kg of potatoes, 98% is water. ==> 0.98x = x - (1 kg of dry matter) 0.98x = x - 1 0.02x = 1 x = 50
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    Infy Puzzles

    Relative speed of the two trains = 60+60 = 120 mph Distance covered in passing each other completely= 1/6+1/6 = 1/3 miles Hence, time taken = Distance/Speed = (1/3) / (120/[60*60]) seconds Solving, we get time taken = 10 seconds
  3. Hi, You will get 27 cubes with 6 straight cuts. Have you played with Rubik's cube ? Its the same principle. If you still don't get, visit here: http://admin3.imaginationatwork.com/Launch...lscid=184982417
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    Tuesday - DeltaWednesday - GammaThursday - EpsilonFriday - AlphaSaturday - Beta
  5. Sol:I don't know the right procedure to solve this Q but I tried with trial and error and got this as the answer. The farmer should have bought 1 mule, 1 sheep, 2 goats and 1 pig. 1 mule + 1 sheep + 2 goats + 1 pig = 1(50) + 1(40) + 2(25) + 1(10) = Rs.150 Hence, the average price of the animals per head = 150/5 = Rs.30 Hope this is right. If someone else knows the exact procedure to go about this problem, please post it. Best wishes, An Infy aspirant
  6. Sol:The question actually has to be that the car was travelling at a uniform speed. If that's the case and if after two hours of travel the milestone showed a three digit number, the speed of the car certainly has to be below 100kmph and also implies that the three digit number has to be in the range 100 to 109. Hence, the first digit is 1. We need to find the second digit and speed only. Let 10x+y be the two digit number. After one hour of travel, it becomes 10y+x. Let v be the uniform speed of the car. Here we have the first digit as 1 and hence x=1. From the question, we have the following equations: 10+y+v=10*y+1 10+y+2v=100+y Solving for y and v we can get y=6 and v=45Therefore the car was travelling at 45kmph and the number on the milestone initially was 16 and after one hour it becomes 61 (16+45) and after two hours 106 (61+45). Hope you understand the solution. Best wishes, An Infy aspirant