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  1. Hi Subin, can i know how many questions you have answered in the test, and how many you are confident in them??ThanksVishnu
  2. Yeah, i have given the test on 28th at MLRIT and iam waiting for the result..Plz let me know when u get your result..ThanksVishnu
  3. There were three different gloves. 13 red, 27 black and 40 green. How many gloves one has to take so as to ensure that there is at least one pair in each color?Thanksvishnu
  4. Hi mine is some what related to your problem it seems..I have applied thrice for TCS... I got the same reference number..I got a mail to take the test at 2 different places on the same day(28th august @hyderabad)..which one i have to consider and which i have to discard??Please someone help me out of this problem...