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  1. hey guys did any one get the call from the VALUE LABS.
  2. hey guys did any one get the call from the VALUE LABS.
  3. HI Frnds... BROADRIDGE EXAM CONDUCTED on 27th @SSJ ENGG ccollege...Dey said dey vll inform to shortlisted candidates through call.. so iff anyone of you get d call please do leave d details. ALL D VERY BEST TO SELECTED STUDENTS..WISH GUD LUCK ..
  4. chandan3p


    i have some info regrdng d test pattern ...im sharing it here..paper conatins 4modulesaptitude,english,programming,puzzles and last essay writing(gives one topic and we have to write on it)xam is a mixture of choose the aswers and blanks...paper will be easyafter that 1HR and 3techncal rounds will be there...
  5. hi guys...Broadridge is recruiting freshers.. der is Aptitude test through jkc for the students regstred for JKC at d end of dis month.Guys iff u people have any info regarding broadridge test....please do share it here....this may helpful for the students who are attending for d exam.ALL D BEST FOR D EXAM...PREPARE WELL.
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    broadridge placement papers

    ya thnk.u...
  7. chandan3p

    broadridge placement papers

    thank you very much for d info.but i jus wanna go thrgh d previous papers of it once. but i couldnt find it. Incase iff u find dem pls do mail to chandu6p@gmail.com
  8. chandan3p

    broadridge placement papers

    hey i got aptitude test for broadridge .so please can anyone inform me how the paper pattern and the way to prepare.im not even finding placement papers of broadridge in net.so iff please anyone find please do inform.IF ANY ONE HAV DEM PLEASE DO SEND tochandu6p@gmail.com