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  1. No idea yar... as i told before they hv clubbed all the batches... one girl who attended at noida on 27 march got joining at blore 29 april... u kw anyone working at TM wh cn get some news for us???
  2. Hi!!two girls of our batch hv gt OL.. One has been put to blore and another to mumbai... they hv clubbed all the batches...
  3. ya for sure... where did u attend? at Blore or wat? wat did HR say after your interview? any of ur batch mates receievd OL frm them? Do you kw anyone working for TM? U can mail me at charita.dec@gmail.com... coz i won't check this site regulalrly....
  4. Hi all!!!Is there anyone waiting for the confirmation mail from TechMahindra?? I had attended on 19th and 20th march at bangalore AMR tech park..Reply....
  5. charita

    TCS new pattern

    hi! are you 2009 or 2010 passout? Iam 2009 passout with 68 aggri.. Yet have not received mail from tcs.. are they calling only 2010 pasouts?
  6. charita

    B.E CS 2009 passed out

    Hi everyone, I am BE 2009 pasout n CS.. Tried for job a lot but n vain.. have an aggri of 68pc.. Does anyone think IT companies will consider 2009 pasouts? I have lot of interest to work.. What to do? any companies calling 2009 in bangalore???? Please reply......
  7. I disagree that beauty comes before knowledge.. Maybe it happens sometimes but to survive in the field the candidate must have great knowledge and grasping capacity as well...
  8. hi, I am 2009 passout with 68 aggri..... but still not got TCS call letter... any 2009 passouts over there???
  9. are there any 2009 passouts who have received call letter from TCS??? Please reply soon.....