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    Opening in my Team

    Hi,thanks for posting the job. Well, i like the job profile, but i dont have experience.But i have good skills in SQL.Is there any chance for me. (please tell me the job location also.)
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    predict output c

    whenever we have to store any string value, it always takes one space more then total number of character, so that it can append NULL character, which means ENDing of that string. In this case total number of character is 4 (HELL), so it will take 5 block of memory to store the fifth NULL character. But here you are giving only 4 space so result comes with garbage value.hope this will help you.
  3. one of my friend had given test yesterday.. till now he didn't got any call from recruiter. in test there was appx 25 tech and 10 normal apti ques. all tech question are from c,c++ only. company spokesperson told that now rest process will taken place in coimbatore.