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    Hi, I though that version control system is one of the functionality of SCM
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    Hi, SCM is Software Configuration Management. When you build computer software, change happens. And because it happens, you need to control it effectively. Software configuration management (SCM) is a set of activities that are designed to control change by identifying the work products that are likely to change, establishing relationships among them, defining mechanisms for managing different versions of these work products, controlling changes that are imposed, and auditing and reporting on the changes that are made.Hope this will make u clear abt SCMRegards Dipali
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    build, version and release

    Hi muthu, Thanks for ur such wonderful explanation. My dout abt thebuild version release get cleared. ThanksRegards Dipali
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    priority,tracebility matrix

    Seveirty is refered to how bad bug is . and priority is how urgent the bug shd fix it. e.g. if the cmpany's logo is changed then it doesnt affect the functionality of bug so severity is low while priority is hi It is document which maps requirements with test cases. By preparing Traceability matrix, we can ensure that we have covered all functionalities in our test cases. The following is the sample templateRequirementID Testcase IDHopw this will help u
  5. What is build, version and release?
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    How to prepare for aptitude test got it companies selection

    just go thro, different company's paper for apptitude many questions always repeted and for apptitude refer differednt books like RS Agrawal
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    What is Tracebility of matirx? Plz give detail description with example
  8. Retesting and Regression Testing are slightly different in the sense....they are to be executed on different test cases...E.g. If there are 1000 test cases to be executed in the first build....And of the 1000 test cases, 100 fail and 900 pass....Then after bug fixes and when the 2nd build is received, REGRESSION Testing has to be done on the 900 test cases and the remaining 100 test cases are to be RETESTED.
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    Quality Assurance

    Testing means to find the bugs as early as possible and to fix them. Its a process to discover every weakness in the work product. Quality Assurance is a activity to avoid bugs its a prevention measure Quality Control : Its a product checking identify deficiencies and suggest improvements Its results to change the product. Activity is releted to detention of deficiences Quality Assurance: Its a preventive of deficiencies The direct result is to change to process . They measure the process and suggest improvements . How we will test a cup of tea? By having sip of tea. Means we r testing the product. This is what a Quality Control If tea is bitter then the process will be check out why the tea become bitter. its a Quality Assurance. ie verifying the process.
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    Wld u plz tell me about the project of e-learning and what are the diffrerent strategies require to test these types of projcts ?