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    HR Interview Questions, Pls Reply - Urgent

    Hi,You can say that "I got to know about this field recently through a friend... and I really feel that the kind of analytical and logical skills are required in testing will match my skill set and will surely interest me."Then you can also tell the the same skill set is required in management job also only thing is you will be applying it differently.Zenith.
  2. vaibhavgulati02

    Regarding 'IES' Coaching...

    Hi, You can just call up (080) 23333333 to ask about the institutes. They will tell you. They even send you the information on email. Zenith.
  3. vaibhavgulati02

    2005 Passout - Desperately in need of suggestion

    Hi,I suppose rather than investing your time and money in NIIT better do a CDAC course.It might be slightly costlier but it pays of a the end as it is a very aggressive course and the course structure is always updated with the latest technology.placement wise I don't have much idea of recent batches but if you do it from CDAC Acts then it sould not be a problem.Another thing I would tell you is that there are lotz of fresher openings coming up why don't you try those specially TCS. they are on a hiring spree. For details:http://acts.cdac.in/actsonline/Website/Htm...ree/crsmain.htmwww.cdacindia.comZenith.
  4. vaibhavgulati02

    Struts Project

    You can go through: sourceforge.net ------------------------------------------------- http://opensource.atlassian.com/confluence...RUTS/MailReader http://www.superinterface.com/mailreader/Home.do ---------------------------------------------------------- http://struts.apache.org/1.x/struts-apps/index.html
  5. vaibhavgulati02

    mini projects in core java

    1. You can try some thing like question bank/test software by having a set of questions in Database. and using Swing for front end.2. Some game using java applet.