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  1. hey guys...i have been working for the past 3 months.. am planning of doing MBA in industrial management , am a mechanical engineer.. so pls advice me whichc is the best university for part time course and u can plss tell me if any other subjects that i can prefer for part time..santhosh
  2. Chetana Mam guess this placement has happened earlier also.. so i guess there will be aptitude papers around.. i request u to pls put in some time and help us find some papers.any of u out there if u hav placement papers fot the company pls post it.. this sounds a good opportunity and with ur help many can get through..thank usanthosh b.s
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    dude!!! u got to be kidding me... almost everything or rotary parts use the bearing produced from this company... http://www.skf.com/portal/skf_in/home plss some one get me the aptitude papers for this plssssss...... some one (((((((((((( santhosh
  5. can u pls tell more details about the package and are there any openings for this ..
  6. can any one please post the apti paper for the test held at pune or other location pleaseeeeeeetime is short..please post it if u have them...urgentttttsanthosh
  7. it's upto u to choose wha u want buddy...best of luck :)santhosh
  8. theres no format in the hall ticket..just a simple mail..registeration id is highlighted in red and rest they have explained the crietria and the buses route for college...thats all...hope all have received it in same format..
  9. lol...even i had the same feeling when i got my hall ticket even thought it's jst a number........hope i get selected too.. :) fingures crossed..meet ya at mangalore..cheerssanthosh
  10. they will send hall tickets to all those who have registered before the given time by 8th of may...
  11. thanks for all the editings in the previous posts....Nice to see u put in all the efforts u can to keep this forum clean nd neat from all crappy things...am in love with u guys ;) ;)
  12. ah ha,.... Got my hall ticket... thanking GOD big time.. thanks a lot everyone...thank u Chetana MAM for bringing up this off campus drive to every one's notice... now just praying that i get into this company atleast...i will try try nd try untill i get into a MNC...trust myself nd GOD.. am just happy for receiving the hall ticket...just hopin they don cancel the drive like they did in Chennai.. any one else got the hall ticket??????????????? santhosh
  13. thanks for the motivation..i knw about canara engg coll....i was in mangalore for 22yrs and did my engg in St joseph's engineering college,mangalore.canara can handel well above 5000 ppl...they got the infrastructure nd man power to do that..bcos i have been there for campus placements and seen it..i did not blame any one but i am cursing my bad luck thats all...((((((((((((((((((this is how i hav applied..hope it's right ;)CHETANAS - Capgemini - B.E (MECH) - 2009 - 64.57 % - Bangalore Full Name of the Student: B.S.SANTHOSHCollege Name: St.Joseph's Engineering College.Stream / Branch: B.E/MechanicalYear Of Passout: 2009Percentage in Graduation: 64.57%Mobile Number: ...Email Id: ...Current Location: bangaloreContact Address: ...And ya even am praying that the drive dosent get cancelled...at least lucky ppl can get through ;)hope for the bestsanthosh
  14. this is really SAD...in this case i have totally lost all hopes...they will shortlist candidates and send the hall ticket right...i am really unlucky in scuh cases..was so happy yesterday when i applied...man this is really bad...santhosh
  15. thanks a lot mam...i go through this forum almost 10 times a day from past 2 months or so..i really cant believe the effort u put in to satisfy all of our questions.thanks for all the quick replies u r providing to every one..never seen such dedication from any one...hats off to u Chetana mam...well am not sure abt MAM stuff ...seen many ppl call u as mam...well keep up the awesome work u r doing.santhosh
  16. Madam i also wanted to clarify about the rounds mentioned...technical round is not mentioned but i want to confirm weather it will be there or no..i am from mechanical branch and i don wan tehnical round ...and i hope even though they have not mentioned mechanical is not allowed any where they don change their minds at the very last minute..santhosh
  17. even i wanted to ask the same thing chetana MAM..i knw they can handel more no of ppl as i have attended like 3 on campus placements..thanks for the information...even i have sent the mail to the link...but i think it wld be better if u can spare some time from ur hectic schedule in letting ppl knw they hav registered to the the mail id u have provided...it will provide us satisfaction or else we will be thinking the mail has not yet been delivered to the mail id..santhosh