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  1. cpsriram

    Tech Mahindra joining 2011

    Tanks dude, even am waiting for tat
  2. cpsriram

    Tech Mahindra Offer letters and Joining Date

    even i am waiting for same any one with updates plz reply.
  3. cpsriram

    Tech Mahindra joining 2011

    Same here if any one knows plz do inform.
  4. cpsriram

    Tech Mahindra Off-Campus @ Vardhaman College

    Ya even i am selected in the same college... update here if u get any call from them.
  5. cpsriram

    Tech Mahindra Off-Campus @ Vardhaman College On MAR 26 2011

    its hardly 5 days that u got selected buddy.... wait as they said one month u will get in time.
  6. cpsriram

    tech mahindra joining

    PPL who all have got at vardhaman college hyderabad on 26th and 27th of march plz do post about ur updates here regularly.
  7. cpsriram

    Cognizant written test at MLRIT,dundigal

    ya they will provide info that u are selected or not... yesterday by my luck i got mail that i couldnot clear the written test... so there are no further rounds. Hope this will help some of guys who are panicking.
  8. cpsriram

    IBM Global

    Its not exactly bpo but its Tech support ..... and dont expect it to be software development.
  9. Dude Before u ask some questions do look at the above posts.... they mentioned that criteria should be matched. and if not better not to attend yaara . aftr gng that long and they say no then it will be frustating.
  10. I am from Hyderabad can i attend please reply, becoz it costs to come over there for the interview so please do reply can other than karnataka people can come to interview.