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  1. Did any one get the offer letter of Techmahindra after the drive on 13/2 @ chandiwali,mumbai??pls reply
  2. divyavnair1

    Tech Mahindra joining 2011

    hi, post was Technical associate,Grade TG1 and CTC 2.9..all these was told and there were 3 rounds apti,tech n HR..dint gt the offer letter yt..wn inquired it was told that it may take a month or 2.
  3. hi amal,same with me too n to my frnd sangeetha..we also signd thr conf paper in wch sal n posn ws mentioned..bt no updates till date..wn i cntctd an employee f TM it e=was said tht thy r taking ppl in bulk n their total reqmt is some 7000..so it seems thy'll be sending the offerletter wn they meet thier exp no:7000..so it may b taking a month or 2 probably..lets keep our hands crossed n hop 4 d bst..do lemme kno f any updates u receive..ma mailid:divyavnair11@gmail.comrgds,divya
  4. ohh..bt hw lng wl v hav 2 wait??any idea??
  5. it was told after the hr round that we will be getting offer letter in a weeks times, and it will be coming through mail from pune branch.. and was asked to be prepared for immediate joining..but dint get the offer letter yet..did any 1 get the offer letter..
  6. divyavnair1

    Tech Mahindra joining 2011

    hi frnds, i attnded techmahindra off campus on 13th feb 2011 @ techmahindra,mumbai..i cleard all rounds and it was told tht we'll be getting offer letter in a weeks time and ws askd to b prepared for immediate joing..i dint get the offer letter yet..did any one get to know any details regarding offer letter..pls reply..