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  1. this is for all those who are thinking to apply for tech mahindra in future. i dont have any refrence. i repead i dont know anybody at tech mahintra or mahindra satyam. i still got call for interview i send resume at "Campulse_Team@mahindrasatyam.com" and i got call for them. thanks previous tech mahindra thread as i get id from there so all those who are not having refrence they can send their resume at these id may luck work <freshers@techmahindra.com> , <offcampus@techmahindra.com> , <jobs@techmahindra.com> , <Campus_TM@mahindrasatyam.com>, <campulse_team@mahindrasatyam.com>
  2. Venue: TechMahindra A-7, Sector 64 Noida-201301 if want to try you can but there is very very little chance that they let you in because they mentioned"Hard copy of the invitation Mail. (Entry strictly prohibited without the print out of this mail) "so think twice before coming also there are many timing to report at venue as my time is 2:30 i read one reply he has written 4:30 so there is 2 hrs gap between various reporting time.best of luck
  3. hey friend i also need refrence. one solution i can provide in meantime is that you can forward your resume to theseids in this some are giving errors and some are not so you can send your resume to these<freshers@techmahindra.com> , <offcampus@techmahindra.com> , <jobs@techmahindra.com> , <Campus_TM@mahindrasatyam.com>, <campulse_team@mahindrasatyam.com>, may be this can help
  4. hi, you can send your resume again through refrence may be your resume have not reached them or you do not come under selection criteria and this time they may have different criteria so you can send your resume again
  5. hey friend this is very important the problem you all are going through has happened before also when they have opening in febuary so i am giving link here of previous post please go through this till end i wish you will find solution http://www.chetanasforum.com/index.php?showtopic=39225
  6. aditaya_garg

    content management system in asp.net

    yes it is possible because reason for having .net framework is it is partially system independent(stricty speaking) and one reason is what you are asking for many of its advantage as you are saying you are making project so your code will be of starter level so no problem will be there but some times it can create problem rarely as microsoft changes some of its classes of function causing problem but they are very raremaybe this is helpful do consult other as i am also starter
  7. hiiiiii can any great person provide ecode and contact nothanks
  8. hi please help someone i dont know anyone in birla soft. i need refrence soon as last date is 24 march
  9. this can ge possible if ball bounces from something as ball thrown down it comes from down after getting a bounce
  10. thanks man for help you people are doing really great job. thanks again. ya this is not only for this post but all the post and the hardwork. many many many thanks again.