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  1. neha.23

    pls suggest me..

    Thank you very much for ur suggestion..!!
  2. neha.23

    pls suggest me..

    May i know more about Web designing,i mean which r d main topcs needed in it..! how could one becum a proffesional web designer..?? Any suggestion regarding dis..anyone..!!
  3. neha.23

    pls suggest me..

    Ya i have applied to it..!!
  4. neha.23

    pls suggest me..

    Thank you very much fr ur suggestion,Ya i have intrst in dat field & I will update my knwldg by learning new ones..so is dat oke? I dont like programng prt a lot..am intrsted in it only a little bit..! Wat do u thnk abut d course,web designing..doesnt it hav any scope? Its nice to hear suggestion 4rm u..
  5. neha.23

    pls suggest me..

    Thank you very much,ya am intrested in dat field..i dont like prgrmng part..!! Am also intrsted in java..! Its nice of u fr suggesting me..! So did u attend any intrws/applied anywer..!!
  6. neha.23

    pls suggest me..

    Hello.. May any1 pls suggest a course to me..I dont know which1 to do..i thgt of web designing,cld any1 say abt dis course..?? Help me out 4rm dis confusion..i need to jn n dis mnth..!! Am a MCA 2009 passout.Thanks & Regards, Nisha.
  7. neha.23

    Which Course is gud after MCA?

    oke..seriously let me knw abt d course..!! :angry: akki..!! u said, u wld ask ur collegues & infrm me..???
  8. Hello.. May i knw which course is gud after mca, Am a 2009 passout. I thougt of doing a course,bt am confused abt it..help me out..!! Any suggestions.. Thank You in advance..
  9. Thanks fr d help akki/akshy..!
  10. Hello akshy.. Thanx for the hlp. ...No i cant afford dat much..!! Am in dilemma whether to do a course or job. .If cours, i dont knw which one.. Hope u cld sugst me, am intersted n JAVA,Web designing,PHP,bt dont know whether dey have scope or not..!! Also,say me institutes in DSNR,hyd(if poss)..Thank u in advance..!!
  11. Any1 cld u pls suggest me,scope of web designing... I am a MCA of batch 2009,thnking 2 jn a course in Web designing,so is it a gud career option..Cld any1 say me the best institutes wich teach web designing in dilsukhnagar,hyderabad. I hope sum1 will help me out wit dis qustn..am really thankfull to u..pls help me ot..