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    Failing at Interview ?

    Hello, Great thing you shared here. I agree with you always prepare for everything, always wish for more and if you prepare in life then definitely DESERVE THE BEST .Regards,Olivia
  2. Hello, I think that is the common question in HR round. But remember that never give your negative response in this question. I think there is a lot of great suggestion available for this question and for all the things. Regards, Olivia Healthcare
  3. olivia751


    Hello, For HR round there are not only one or two questions. You have to prepare for many things like if they ask you "Tell me About Yourself" then it means they want to know about your Educational Qualification, Family Background, hobbies, Your Strengths and Weakness. The second and i think important question is Why should we hire you? What do you like and dislike in your current position etc. Regards,Olivia
  4. olivia751

    What is your WEAKNESS ?

    Hello , Good job you have done and thanks for the helpful post. Many of us are not sure that what to answer question...This is really helpful for everyone.Regards,Olivia