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  1. 1. In a certain community ther are 1000 married couples. Two thirds of the husbands who are taller than their wives are also heavier and three quarters of the husbands who are heavier than their wives are also taller. if there are 120 wives who are taller and heavier than their husbands, how many husbands are taller and heavier than their wives?Answer is 330Number husbands taller than wife = xNumber husbands heavier than wife = yNumber of husbands taller and heaview =z2/3*x=z=3/4*yx=3/2 zy=4/3 zx+y-z+120=1000(3/2+4/3-1)z=1000 -120=860z=3/8*880=330
  2. Hi friends,Solve these and solutions immediatelyyyyyyyy01. I left home early in the morning and returned back in the afternoon. The specialty that i noted was that when i returned, the minute hand was where the hour hand was in the morning and the hour hand was 2 minutes away from where the minute needle was in the morning. When did I return?02. 2 4 16 512 ____03. There is A staircase having n steps (odd or even). A person standing at the base Can take one or two-steps at a time. My query is in how many ways can The stairs can be climbed?
  3. Chetana mam, you taking only 4 digit nos only in calculating the sum. but in the question stated that nos with 1,2,3,4 upto 4444. that maens single digit nos, double, triple and four digit nos sum. Am i right mam.
  4. Let Jill is speed is 'a' and that of Jack is 'b'. Both taken same time at their meeting point. So, 440*a + 20 *3/2*a = 420*b => a/b = 47/42So, their speeds ratio is 47:42=> their time ratio to reach the starting point is 42:47 ( velocity is inversely proportional to time)=> Jill takes 42*t Secs and Jack takes 47*t Secs;But, from problem time difference between the two is 0.5min = 30 sec;So, 47t - 42t = 30 Sec => t = 6 Sec.Therefore, Jill takes 42*6 = 252 Secs and Jack takes 47*6 = 282 Secs.
  5. pnmhariprasad

    Chocolate puzzle

    M:N = 4:3 = 12:9 M:S = 6:7 = 12:14 So, M:N:S = 12:9:14 => M gets 770*12 / (12+9+14) = 264 N gets 770*9 / (12+9+14) = 198 and S gets 770*14 / (12+9+14) = 308 -------- Total = 770 --------
  6. pnmhariprasad

    Temperature puzzle

    Use the following equation : B = ( (A/7)+10 )*3