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  1. Hi,If anyone has Peoplesoft technical Certification (1Z0-241 - PeopleSoft Application Developer I:) Dumps . Please send me chitkaraankit@yahoo.comThanks
  2. Which one is better for the carrer Peoplesoft or Java.
  3. chitkaraankit


    plz tell me whether SEO is a good career option.... cos i have heard that the people generally gets a lower salary in SEO as compaired to development..
  4. chitkaraankit

    about jktechnosoft for 2011 batch

    I think no 1 has applied for this....
  5. chitkaraankit

    c aptitude plz explain

    its answer is 5794...but i don't know the reason....
  6. What will be printed as the result of the operation below:main() { int x=20,y=35; x=y++ + x++; y= ++y + ++x; printf(“%d%dn”,x,y);}
  7. plz mail me alsochitkaraankit@yahoo.com
  8. Please attach here also.
  9. can anyone tell me how i can share my asp.net or any html page which is hosted on my localhost , with the remote machine using my IP . like http://ip/path.... etc I am not able to configure correctly plz help