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  1. Hi friends, Recently i had attended a GD after clearing Aptitude screening but i am not cleared that GD. The problem i had faced on that GD was about 4 peoples were entered into a debate so i couldn't speak continously and clearly the topic is very easy India should implement bullet trains or electric trains or both?. I spoke about two lines but i hesitate and speak. the time is about 10 minutes and there were 10 peoples. They selected only one because the debate arised between four peoples. They haven't select the person who initiate and conclude. ok my questions is how to overcome or handle on the situation those involve in debates? Thank you, Have a nice day...
  2. Hi friends, If anybody attended the walk-in recently in chennai please post the interview round and pattern.... Again the interview which will be conduct in bangalore on 13th. So please provide the detailsThanking you in advance......
  3. How to reach the college? Me too have the same venue the same day at 11A.M. If you how to reach there tell me....Thank you.
  4. Yes i got the same venue and date time is morning 11am.......What time for you?
  5. HI friends, I have received a letter to attend the written test in chennai on 16th may 2010.If anyone have the pattern or latest written test questions post here........Thanks in advance
  6. Hi,If anybody know about the capgemini interview pattern and Questions that had asked recently in chennai post here it may help others.Thank you Antony.
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    abt cts interview

    Hi siva me too havn't received call letter from cts im from chennai i applied on 22nd febraury my id starting with 2my percentage is 72.... wat is ur id and wen u have applied? Wat is ur percentage?
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    Hello friends is anybody had attended interview for sql developer in secova?please reply me........Thanking you in advance.......
  9. Hi friends, If anybody attended the walk-in recently in chennai please post the interview round and pattern.... Again the interview which will be conduct in bangalore on 13th. So please provide the detailsThanking you in advance......
  10. in your overall university mark sheet itself your mark is rounded off to 60% know so you dnt need to worry.
  11. How you had applied?i mean which site or mail id?
  12. Hi when and where you applied and when you attended the interview i have applied many times but still no response.
  13. Hello friends,Anybody got call letter for tech mahindra in chennai i registered on feb 15th but still i didn't got call letter , one of my friend attended the intrvw. on chennai. iam 72% i think percentage is a criteria.If anybody attended the test please post the pattern and questions.
  14. Guys send your resume and excel mark sheet to this id this one doesn't need referenceid is offcampus@techmahindra.com
  15. No,that is in the top right corner which is not our register no. or hall ticket no. both are different......
  16. I have registered guys around 10am k do your best.anybody know when the test will be conducted by cts........
  17. POORNAM INFOVISION PAPER ON 9TH SEPTEMBER,2008The recruitment process for Poornam Infovision consists of Written test, Technical interview and finally HR interview.The Written test is for 1 hour and consists of 5 sections. The sections in the written test include:*Aptitude *C *Linux*Technical*Essay1.APTITUDE SECTION: 10 QUESTIONSI) In each of the following questions, a set of six statements is given, followed by four answer choices. Each of the answer choices has a combination of three statements from the given set of six statements. You are required to identify the answer choices in which the statements are logically related.i)A.All cats are goatsB.All Goats are dogs.C.No goats are cowsD.No goats are dogsE.All Cows are dogsF.All dogs are cowsa)FABb)ABEc)AFBd)ABFii) A.Some lids are nibsB.All hooks are lids.C.All hooks are nibsD.No lid is a nibE.No lid is a hookF.No nib is hooka)EFDb)BCAc)DEAd)CDAiii)A.All MBA’s are logicalB.Sudir is rational.C.Sudhir is a logical MBAD.Sudhir is a manE.Some men are MBA’sF.All men are rational.a)DECb)EAFc)BCFd)FDBiv)A.Competitive examinations are tough to pass.B.There is heavy competition in any field.C.No student can pass MATD.Very few students can pass MAT.E.MAT is a competitive examinationF.MAT is tough to passa)AEFb)ABCc)DFBd)CDEv)A.All Pens are knivesB.All knives are spoonsC.No knives are pensD.No knives are spoons.E.All pens are spoons.F.All spoons are pens.a)ABEb)ABFc)AFEd)DBE II)Questions 5 and 6 are based on the following data: In a class of 150 students, 40 passed in Social Studies, 90 passed in Science and 30 failed in both the subjects.vi)How many students passed in at most one subject among Science and Social Science?a)100b)110c)140 d)150vii))How many students passed in Science but failed in Social Studies?a)70 b)10c)90 d)80 2. C SECTION: 10 QUESTIONSi) What will be the output for the following program?void main(){int const *p=5;printf("%d",++(*p));}a)5B)6c) Run time errord) Compiler errorii) What will be the output for the following program?main(){int c[]={2.8,3.4,4,6.7,5};int j,*p=c,*q=c;for(j=0;j<5;j++) {printf("%d",*c);++q; }for(j=0;j<5;j++) {printf("%d",*p);++p; }}a)2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 5B)2 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 6 5c)2 3 4 6 5 2 3 4 6 5 d)2 3 4 6 5 3 4 5 6 7iii) What will be the output for the following program?main(){extern int i;i=20;printf("%d",i);}a)20b)Grabage valuec)Linker errord)Compiler erroriv) What will be the output for the following program?main(){int i=-1,j=-1,k=0,l=2,m;m=i++&&j++&&k++||l++;printf("%d %d %d %d %d",i,j,k,l,m);}a)0 0 1 3 0B)0 0 1 3 2c)0 0 1 3 1 d)1 1 2 3 1v) What will be the output for the following program?main(){char *p;printf("%d %d",sizeof(*p),sizeof(p));}a)1 1 B)2 1c)1 2d) 2 2vi) What will be the output for the following program? main(){int i=3;switch(i){default: printf("zero");case 1: printf("one");break;case 2: printf("two");break;case 3: printf("three");break;}}a)zerob)zero one two threec)threed)zero threevii) What will be the output for the following program? main(){printf("%x",-1<<4);}a)ffffb)0000c)0fffd)fff0viii) What will be the output for the following program? main(){char String[]="Hello World";display(string);}void display(char *string){printf("%s",string);}a)Hello Worldb)Linker error c)Compiler errord)Helloix) What will be the output for the following program?main(){struct xx{int x;struct yy {char s;struct xx *p;};struct y *P;};}a)Blank screenb)Linker errorc)Compiler errord)Infinite executionx) What will be the output for the following program? #include<stdio.h>main(){struct xx{int x=3;char name[]="hello";};struct xx *s;printf("%d",s->x);printf("%s",s->name); }a)3 hello b)3helloc)Linker errord)Compiler error 3.LINUX SECTION: 20 QUESTIONSi) You are trying to create four partitions on a linux system and you get an error while creating the fourth partition. Why?a)Linux does not allow four partitions.b)There is not enough disk space for the fourth partition. c)The swap partition must be created first.d)The last partition must be a swap partition.ii) Which of the following is not a valid Linux command?a)rmb)mvc)copyd)moreiii) Which Linux command is used for renaming a file?a)rmb)mvc)chmodd)rename4. TECHNICAL SECTION: 20 QUESTIONSi) What is the maximum decimal number that can be accomodated in a byte?a)128b)256c)255d)512 ii) The BIOS of a computer is stored in:a)RAMb)ROMc)CACHEd)HARD DISKiii) Which of the folowing does not work over TCP? a)HTTPb)SMTPc)FTPd)None of the aboveiv) What is the number of control lines for a 16 output decoder? a)2B)4c)16d)10v) Which IP Addressing class allows for the largest number of hosts?a)Class Ab)Class A and Bc)Class Bd)Class Cvi) Which IP Addressing class allows for the largest number of hosts? 5. ESSAY SECTION:Write an essay with minimum 200 words on the topic: "Is the projection of violence on television responsible for the prevalence of violence in our society?"
  18. Hi friends here i list some of the questions I faced on HCL test on February 15 2010there are many patterns so there is a slight change in the pattern.Anyhow all the pattern consists of Synonyms,Antonyms,error spotting, Problems on nubers,Probability,ages,speedQuantitative Aptitude differs in those patterns.Synonyms for DisparateAntonyms for Mendacious and two more i don't remember.Error SpottingCoding and Decoding this is importantWhat is the value of (2)^1/2 answer should be in three decimal space?(.0016)^2/5?Logarithm: (^ = power)If 7^x=85 what is the value of x?Another one log prob. which is difficult for me to ans.What is the value of x in: x%95+30=395the figure im not sure but this is the type they asked.Square root for a big number use division methodProbability:How many four digit even numbers can be formed from 1,2,3 and 4?then usual men and women, color balls questions in probability.Profit and loss question agesA small passage was given and ask the relation between each other 3 questions from this partI faced many direction problems that is very easy.Then in technical comprehension is from linux.No C and C++ questionsAll the best friends.....
  19. Anybody get response from Wipro after applying for this job?
  20. you don't attach a resume just paste the resume u can proceed then......
  21. Guys send your resume to this mail id campulse_team@mahindrasatyam.com Have a nice day.........