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  1. Hello Sir,I am 1.4 years of experience in C++,Qt, Linux. How to apply for the HR directly.Thank you,Varuna.V
  2. Hi there, Yes Anna University is eligible for registration. I already registered for the drive (I am also from Anna university). It is open to all recognized colleges in India. But now the registration period is over. Only registered candidates will be allowed for walkin. Hope you have registered your name.
  3. Where is the venue of the written test??????? Will they conduct test in chennai.
  4. Yes there is no fresher option....just select the experience and register, even i did the same........
  5. Thx guys....Secondly to all those guys who are asking about the criteria. I think i want to add here. I was definitely the first 10 applicant who applied for this job. yes there may be restriction on the number of applicants. Hope you will all get a call..........
  6. Hello guys....Just now took the test............The aptitude section is quite easy, any one can do it. No probelm with it.The computer science knowledge test the questions where from C, OOPs and many other concepts which I dont know. Since I am from ECE.The toughest was the coding skill test. All the 20 question was from data structure. They gave me a tree like diagram and asked 20 questions from it.For the coding test I screwed it up..... Just dont know what they have asked and what i had to do for it......:)Guessed 60% of answers.For tomo guys you should be well versed with node, tree, terminals, pointers, NULL in tree diagram(data structure on the whole) and many........Sorry I cant give more info.....As i dont remember what i answered..........TOUGH FOR OTHER BRANCH STUDENTS..............................)))))))))))) ECE
  7. I have my online test on 17 can any body please help me...........I want to wht type of questions will be asked ??? and How will be the test
  8. I dont think instrumentation branch is allowed. The PDF clearly say that ElectronicsElectronics & Commn.Telecommunication.Electronics & Telecomm.MechanicalIndustrial Production.Computer ScienceElectrical & ElectronicsChemicalElectricalCivilEnvironmental Engg. Are the branches allowed.......Secondly the Govt of India rules for apprenticeship stipend is fixed some where between Rs.4500 - Rs.5000 for engg graduates.Hope I am correct.................
  9. Yes dude....I applied for it yesterday. Today i received a mail from polaris to sed my updated resume with choice of selection enter